Costa Rica: Homebodies

This week, I am in Dallas, Texas for the National RWA Conference. If you’d like real-time updates on the writing conference, please check out the Manuscript Mavens blog, where all four of us will be posting updates all week, throughout the day, to share our thoughts, impressions, and ah-ha moments with you.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing a few of my Costa Rica photos with you here on this blog. (Link: my Costa Rica Thursday Thirteen post)

Today’s Costa Rica photo theme is: HOMEBODIES.

Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: Villa Paradise This is the house I stayed at: Villa Paradise

This is a view from the front–my bedroom window is the one on the top floor, to the left. Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: Villa Paradise

Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: bobbing for apples One day we had the neighbor kids over for some games. They’d never bobbed for apples before, but they caught on in a flash!

We tied a piñata to a tree and the kids had a blast smacking it with a stick and collecting all the candy. Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: hitting a piñata

Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: pool party Here are the neighbor kids in the kiddie pool and heading to the slide for the bigger pool.

We rounded out the day with sack races and whipped cream fights. (One of my friends had to drive to a German bakery an hour away to purchase whipped cream at $5 a can–not a common item here in Costa Rica!) Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: sack races


  1. Cole - Reply

    I really love this! Thanks for sharing! Have fun at Texas! 🙂


  2. Bill Clark - Reply

    Much better than yesterday’s pics! Looks like my visions of Miss Erica living in a mud hut in the midst of the Costa Rican rain forest were a little off the mark. *g

  3. Isabel - Reply

    Hope you’re having a blast in Dallas! The pictures are gorgeous.

  4. Heather - Reply

    Wow, Erica! You really know how to have fun, no matter what country you’re in.

    Bobbing for apples … mmmm … brings back memories, man.

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