The Rake Mistake

A Wild Wynchesters Caper (Heist Club #1) THE RAKE MISTAKE

A Regency-set comedic caper featuring a book club of meddling spinsters and an assist by a very good dog.

The closest Miss Philippa York has ever come to adventure is her Thursday afternoon reading circle with her fellow bluestockings of the beau monde. That is, until her bosom friend allows a handsome rake to steal a kiss… and he takes her friend’s jewels instead!

With the help of the Wild Wynchesters—a uniquely talented family of caper-committing siblings who don’t let “laws” stop them from righting wrongs—Philippa and her club of delightfully bookish spinsters take on the most celebrated rake of the ton.

They’re clever. He’s a cad. To save the day, all they need to pull off is one little heist…

A family of delightful scoundrels… I want to be a Wynchester!
— Eloisa James

Erica Ridley is a delight! — Julia Quinn

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An exciting prequel to THE PERKS OF LOVING A WALLFLOWER.

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Regency-set Historical Heist Caper

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