Wild Wynchesters Bonus Content

Complete Book List, in Order

0.5 The Governess Gambit (prequel)
1. The Duke Heist
1.5 The Rake Mistake
2. The Perks of Loving a Wallflower
2.5 The Modiste Mishap (FREE with your preorder!)
3. Nobody’s Princess

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FAQ: Did women watch Parliament from the attic?

Yes, if they wanted to see it! There was no official ladies’ viewing gallery. During the Regency, they would need to climb up to the attic and peek through square holes in the ventilation shaft.

(I can’t say the ladies’ gallery created in 1834 was much of an improvement—being enclosed in heavy brasswork grilles made it difficult to see or hear, keeping women in a literal and metaphorical cage!)

Below you’ll see a sketch by Frances Rickman depicting the exterior, and a watercolor by Lady Georgiana Chatterson illustrating the interior. UK Parliament Ventilator UK Parliament Ventilator

Heroes and Heroines, by Book

First NameLast NamePrimary BookNote
ChloeWynchesterHeroineThe Duke Heist
LawrenceGoslingHeroThe Duke Heist8th Duke of Faircliffe
TommyWynchesterHeroineThe Perks of Loving a WallflowerTommy
PhilippaYorkHeroineThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower
GrahamWynchesterHeroNobody’s Princess
Kunigundede HeuschHeroineNobody’s Princess
Lord AdrianWebb

Cast of Characters

 First NameLast NameNoteTitle/JobSeen or mentioned in:
BaronUnknownVanderbeanfamilyGoverness Gambit
Brigadier-GeneralUnknownBoswickmilitarycapt northrup’s C.O.Perks Wallflower
LadyEuniceUnknownfriendfriend of Philippa; daughter of marquessPerks Wallflower
LadyUnknownAinsworthbeau mondeDuke Heist
LadyUnknownQuarringtonbeau mondecousin to PhilippaDuke Heist
LadyUnknownStrathmorebeau mondemother of rotherham & briggsRake Mistake
LordHoraceVanderbeanfamily(Baron Vanderbean’s fictional son/heir)Duke Heist
LordIanSoutherbybeau mondeearlDuke Heist
LordUnknownBussingtonbeau mondeDuke Heist
LordUnknownDalrymplebeau mondePerks Wallflower
LordUnknownGoslingFather7th Duke of FaircliffeGoverness Gambit
LordUnknownRosbothambeau mondeMarquessDuke Heist
LordUnknownRotherhambeau monderake, middle brother, viscountRake Mistake
LordUnknownShergoldbeau mondeheir to earldomPerks Wallflower
LordUnknownStrathmorebeau mondefather of rotherham & briggsRake Mistake
MissDamarisUrqhartfriendfriend of PhilippaRake Mistake
MissFlorentiaUnknownfriendfriend of PhilippaRake Mistake
MissGracieKimballfriendfriend of PhilippaRake Mistake
MissHonoriaWynchesterfamily(Baron Vanderbean’s fictional daughter)Duke Heist
MissJessicaerstwhlle bookclubber
MissSybilStamperfriendfriend of PhilippaRake Mistake
MissUnknownAgnewbeau mondeRake Mistake
MissUnknownIpsleylost love of RotherhamRake Mistake
MissUnknownOvertonbeau mondeDuke Heist
MissUnknownPughbeau mondeRake Mistake
Mr.UnknownBriggsyoungest brother to RotherhamRake Mistake
Mr.UnknownVossparson, Theodosia’s fianceRake Mistake
Mr.UnknownYorkFatherleading orator in the House of CommonsPerks Wallflower
Mrs.TheodosiaVoss nee Kimballfriendsister to GracieRake Mistake
Mrs.UnknownIpsleybeau mondeDuke Heist
Mrs.UnknownOvertonbeau mondeDuke Heist
Mrs.UnknownPineclientworks at orphanageGoverness Gambit
Mrs.UnknownYorkMotherpolitician’s wifePerks Wallflower
N/ADorothyUnknownDotorphanGoverness Gambit
MeneerFlorisde Heuschbrother to KuniPrincess
MeneerReinaldde Heuschbrother to KuniPrincess

Animals and Pets

AnimalNameOwned byPrimary Book
ant-bearRalphieJacobNobody’s Princess
badgersJacobThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower
batsJacobThe Duke Heist
crowEdgarJacobMy Rogue to Ruin
eagleLady LeonatusJacobNobody’s Princess
ferretsJacobThe Duke Heist; The Perks of Loving a Wallflower
hamsterHydraJacobMy Rogue to Ruin
hawkHippogriffJacobThe Duke Heist
hedgehogTickletumsJacobNobody’s Princess
Highland TigerJacobThe Duke Heist
horseCharlieGrahamNobody’s Princess
horseElderberryLawrenceThe Duke Heist
horseMangoLawrenceThe Duke Heist
horseSheepshanksGrahamNobody’s Princess
kittenTigletJacobThe Duke Heist
mastiffZeusJacobThe Rake Mistake
mongooseOrvilleJacobThe Rake Mistake
ospreyCaelumJacobThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower
parrotSir GalahadJacobThe Duke Heist
polecatsJacobThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower
pythonApophisJacobThe Duke Heist; The Perks of Loving a Wallflower
rabbitLord FluffinghopJacobThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower
ratsJacobThe Governess Gambit
scorpionJacobThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower
sheepOpheliaJacobMy Rogue to Ruin
stallionTulipTommyThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower

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