Lords in Love

For those in want of a husband or wife, there is no better time or place to find one’s true love than the annual May Day Festival in Marrywell, England. Princes and paupers alike fall head over heels, often with the person they least expect…

Join the merriment with dukes, earls, wallflowers, marquesses, heiresses, rakes, bluestockings, guardians, wards, runaway brides, companions, widows, and enemies who become lovers—the perfect match awaits!

Get to know the Lords in Love:

  1. Beguiling the Duke
  2. Taming the Rake 
  3. Romancing the Heiress
  4. Defying the Earl
  5. Matching the Marquess
  6. Chasing the Bride
  7. Undressing the Duke
Erica Ridley