Costa Rica: Creepy Crawlies

This week, I am in Dallas, Texas for the National RWA Conference. If you’d like real-time updates on the writing conference, please check out the Manuscript Mavens blog, where all four of us will be posting updates all week, throughout the day, to share our thoughts, impressions, and ah-ha moments with you.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing a few of my Costa Rica photos with you here on this blog. (Link: my Costa Rica Thursday Thirteen post)

Today’s Costa Rica photo theme is: CREEPY CRAWLIES.

Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: spider at Venado caves Just for those of you arachophobes, here is a lovely spider we found crawling up the wall.

Here’s a bat-covered ceiling at the Venado caves. See those holes above? They’re a few feet deep, and are created by the bats, who apparently secret some kind of oil in their sweat that eats away at the cave’s surface while they hang upside-down. Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: hanging bats at the Venado caves

Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: coral snake As I was walking back home from the neighbor’s farm, I ran into a snake on the path.. I was unsure whether this was a true coral snake or one of its cleverly disguised non-poisonous brethren. I later learned you can identify the more dangerous coral snake by its stripe pattern. If the colors spell RANA (rojo, amarillo, negro, amarillo) you should run away screaming. If not, no worries. As it turns out, this one *does* have the red, yellow, black, yellow pattern, and I maybe shouldn’t have followed it down the road, snapping photos in my shorts and flip flops.

Some neighbors found an even bigger prize and brought it over for our viewing pleasure. Here’s a lovely boa constrictor, stretched out in the grass. Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: Boa Constrictor


  1. Bill Clark - Reply

    I have only one word to offer: YUKKKKKK!

    *Bill is arachnophobic and batophobic and snakeophobic in addition to his manifold other idiosyncrasies*

  2. Isabel - Reply

    Ayyyy. I’m off to peel the DH off the ceiling. He’s scared of snakes.

  3. Alyssa Goodnight - Reply

    Running across that snake would have scared me to death. No way I would have stopped to take a picture!

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