Costa Rica: Waterworks

This week, I am in Dallas, Texas for the National RWA Conference. If you’d like real-time updates on the writing conference, please check out the Manuscript Mavens blog, where all four of us will be posting updates all week, throughout the day, to share our thoughts, impressions, and ah-ha moments with you.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing a few of my Costa Rica photos with you here on this blog. (Link: my Costa Rica Thursday Thirteen post)

Today’s Costa Rica photo theme is: WATERWORKS.

Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: Beach Playa Langosta y Playa Tamarindo One weekend, we went to the beach and I got to hang out on Playa Langosta and Playa Tamarindo, kicking back oceanside with a book. *sigh of contentment*

Here’s a view of the volcano from across Lake Arenal. Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: Lake Arenal and Volcano Tenorio

Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: hot spring at Rio Celeste Here’s me hiding beneath some foliage at the point where a hot spring runs from the volcano into the icy cold Rio Celeste. What an odd experience to have my feet toasty warm and my back covered in goosebumps!

Here’s a waterfall view from a trail I hiked in a national park. Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: Waterfall

Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: Waterfall We sat on the rocks at the foot of this volcano and ate a PB&J sack lunch.

Here’s a waterfall well off the beaten path along the route to the Libera airport. Icy, icy water, but if you swim to the other side, a tiny hot spring trickles down across a rock big enough to climb up on to relax. Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: Waterfall

Erica Ridley in Costa Rica: Waterfall Here’s me clowning in front of said waterfall, after having dog-paddled to the hot spring (where I busted open my shin on a rock) and hiked back to the sand the long way (on slippery rocks around the perimeter of the water).


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