Win a Dukes of War Audiobook!

I am SO excited to announce that the talented Stevie Zimmerman has narrated the first four Dukes of War romances in audiobook!

When a flash of lightning destroys the venue for Viscount Sheffield’s annual Christmas ball, whirlwind Amelia Pembroke comes to the rescue!

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The Earl of Carlisle is hunting an heiress—but finds himself enchanted with a penniless wallflower!

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Spinster Jane Downing wants off the shelf and into the arms of a hot-blooded man…Specifically, the dark and dangerous Captain Grey!

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When Major Bartholomew Blackpool learns the girl-next-door from his childhood will be forced into an unwanted marriage, he returns home to play her pretend beau!

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WIN IT: Have you ever listened to an audiobook? If so, where do you get yours? If not, would you like to win one? Everyone who comments below is entered to win one of 3 copies of The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation in audiobook!


  1. Louise Risser - Reply

    Yes, I do listen to audio books. Late at night when everyone is sleeping I put on my headphones and relax.

  2. Chrissy Anjewierden - Reply

    I love listening to audiobooks! I’ll listen when I’m getting things done around the house or in the car when I’m running errands. My favorite time to listen is when I make the five-hour drive to see my folks at their ranch during vacations and holidays. I get into the story and I have a longer time to listen! Plus, it means I’m on vacation! 🙂

  3. sally - Reply

    I’ve only listened to one audio book before but not sure why I haven’t listened to anymore. I really should!

  4. Kelly Braun - Reply

    I absolutely LOVE Audiobooks! I get mine through Amazon & also pick up CD’s (yes, you read that right!) at bookstores. Thank you for the chance at winning one of yours- Merry Christmas!

  5. Geraldine Pierson - Reply

    We love Audiobooks! Thank you for the chance to win one of yours. I am a member a Audible. Merry Christmas!

  6. Connie Reynolds - Reply

    As I grow older I listen to more and more audio books. I use Audible. Congratulations on more books being out as audio!
    Happy Holidays!

  7. Tina Steele-Kersey - Reply

    Never listened to a book yet. Well military training audio book. That does not count.

  8. Seona McDonald - Reply

    Congratulations on the release of the audiobooks Erica! I get mine from Audible(dot)com. I like the fact that I can either just buy the audiobook, or if I already have the ebook (from Amazon) I can just upgrade to have the audiobook as well! Best of both worlds! I love the Dukes of War series so I’m really looking forward to having the audiobooks as well ?
    Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe New Year and 2017!

  9. Mary Lou Hoffman - Reply

    I love listening to audiobooks. I usually listen in the car on the way to/from work.

    Congratulations on the new audiobook format for this series!! I’ve loved reading every single one of the stories.

  10. Riley Moreland - Reply

    I love listening to audiobooks. I get them from because the price is often very reasonable if you have the Kindle book. I also download them from my library’s source for e-books and audiobooks. That price is the most reasonable – free!

  11. Diane DeLuna - Reply

    I listen to audio books in the car so it takes a while to finish but gives me a good time while drivng. I’ve already heard The Major’s Fauz Fiancee and loved it. Narration adds so much to the story

  12. Joni - Reply

    I would love to win!!! I’m an avid reader and when im driving I listen to audio books. This would be great.

  13. CG Phillips - Reply

    I love audiobooks. Most of mine are through Audible. It’s the one sure way I find time to get my reading done due to a busy schedule. I’m glad yours are now available!

  14. Gaye Wakeman - Reply

    My first audiobooks were of course Pride and Prejudice & Wuthering Heights – on double cassette tapes.? I was 17 & just got my first boom box for Christmas. These days I use Audible and I’ve found the perfect headphones for comfort during those all night sessions. Seems my accumulated credits now have “The Dukes” names on them:)

  15. Carol hoyt - Reply

    I love audio books. I am a member of audible. I listen when my eyes are tired, on long auto drives, pretty much anytime!
    Love this series!!!
    Merry Christmas ??!

  16. lou - Reply

    I borrow audiobooks on CD from the library. I have a hard time falling asleep and it is like having someone reading a bedtime story when I was little. It makes me comfortable and sleepy.

  17. Bette Lowry - Reply

    I love audiobooks. I usually listen on Hoopla or Oneclick Digital. I’d love to win one! Thank you for the chance.

  18. Teri Donaldson - Reply

    I love audiobooks. I drive at least one hour each way to and from work. It makes the time go by quickly. I am excited for your new book. The cover is lovely!

  19. Jane Morgan - Reply

    I would love to win an audio book, especially one of yours, I love your stories. They’re funny and sassy and the heroes are lovely!
    Nadolig Llawen! (Merry Christmas in Welsh)

  20. Tina Rester Steele-Kersey - Reply

    Jane, nice touch with the Welsh. Me and my husband spent a weekend on Eastbourn. At the B & B we stayed in we watch TV with a load of people speaking Gaelic. It was neat to here. My husband who is English had to explain this language to me. Watching football with them made it very exciting to watch their reactions. I wish that we had went to Wales while we were there. Scotland was great. I could live in England again. Loved it.

  21. Jan Miller - Reply

    I purchase the audiobooks thru Audible. I have bought the first 3 in the series and love them.

  22. J Hanson - Reply

    I love audiobooks… I get most of mine from my state library and my local town library… and some from audibles. They can be a very expensive luxury.

  23. Debbie - Reply

    I’ve never listen to a book. Would love to try. I’ve meet people who enjoy listening while they’re driving. So now it’s time to seat back and enjoy a good love story!!!

  24. Nicole Ortiz - Reply

    Congrats on the release of the audio books!
    I love to listen to audio books. I get mine from Audible.
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  25. Connie Reynolds - Reply

    I am listening to audio books more and more as I grow older. Reading grows tiresome after awhile. They are an excellent substitute.

  26. Aline F Lewis-Pack - Reply

    Love audiobooks I listen in my car when traveling, or just running errands
    Thank you for the chance

  27. Theresa Heney - Reply

    Have ben a faithful fan of your books for a long time, I would so love to win n audible book of yours. Your stories have given me hours of pleasure and entertainment since my stroke in 2006. Thank you for this opportunity. A Texas Fan.


    I usually listen to Audible audiobooks, but sometimes I download a book I want to hear from my public library.
    I love your books. They’re a lot of fun.

  29. Margaret Transue - Reply

    I love audio books! I love your stories! I have been listening to audio books ever since they were only on cassettes then CD’s and now on Audible. I still purchase CD’s for the car for trips but I purchase from Audible for my Kindles especially stories my husband would not appreciate.

  30. Karen M. - Reply

    Congrats on your audiobooks! I love listening to audiobooks on long road trips and even while doing housework. Happy holidays!

  31. Cheryl Prettyjohns - Reply

    I’ve listened to a few audiobook and enjoyed them all. I’ve lived your books and would enjoy listening to them.

  32. samantha-jane hardacre - Reply

    Audiobooks are the greatest for working out as you dont have to stop reading whilst pounding the pavement.
    Thanks for the great oppotunity to win one.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and New year

  33. Cathy Gill - Reply

    Loved the Duke of Wars series, audio books are a great way to enjoy books especially for the sight impaired. Looking forward to your next book. Xx

  34. cari - Reply

    Love audio books listen to them at work makes the day go by faster. Merry Christmas.

  35. Rachael Clemons - Reply

    I love audio books. thanks so much for the chance. Merry Christmas.

  36. Sally Schmidt - Reply

    I love audiobooks when I walk or am on the exercise machine. I buy them, get them from the library, and sometimes am lucky enough to win one! They were a lifesaver before I retired and had a 2-1/2 hour commute each way.

    And what a marvelous gift for your sister-in-law!

  37. Laura Sanchez - Reply

    I love your Duke of War books! I’m reading them for the second time!

  38. Joyce Reece - Reply

    I love audiobooks!! Driving, feeding my dogs and ducks outside, housework (ok now that one rarely happens), pretending to watch football with my hubby (weekly). I used to read a lot but diabetic neuropathy combined with carpal tunnel has done a job on my hands and holding an ereader for too long makes my hands cramp badly. Solution is audiobooks!

  39. Janice Hougland - Reply

    I’m just about to get started listening to audio books. My birthday was last month and my daughter gifted me with a six-month membership on Whee! Like another commenter above, I read in bed at night after my hubby has gone to sleep and I like the idea of silent reading w/o a bright light in the bedroom. I’m excited about starting on this new adventure in books!

  40. Robin Thompson - Reply

    Would love to get an audio book! Congrats on the release of your Dukes of War series on audio

  41. Denise Howeth - Reply

    I love audiobooks and get mine at Audible. It’s great because you can “read” and get things done at the same time. Thanks for the opportunity

  42. Tommie Mead - Reply

    I love audio books, I use the Audible app. I would especially appreciate one now, I’m still in the emergency room with a fractured ankle, looks like I will be laid up awhile.

  43. Kai W. - Reply

    I listen to audiobooks at work and to get me out of bed in the morning to begin my day. I buy my audiobooks from, Amazon, and directly from Penguins Publisher.

  44. Debbie Fuller - Reply

    I have never listened to an audio book before. I really enjoy my quiet time reading but I have started to wonder how great it would be to hear a book while I’m driving or doing chores or gardening. I also wanted to tell you I read Vexed and the other 3 books with the same theme and your story was I only one that brought tears to my eyes and made me sigh. I love your writing style. Merry Christmas!

  45. Anne Hardy - Reply

    I listen to audio books frequently, mostly when commuting to work or to other communities. I’m a member of Audible and also download or buy MP3s from sellers like Downpour and Tantor

  46. Laura Logan - Reply

    I love to listen to audio books when I’m driving and I always have one going. I’ve purchased a few of my favorites from Amazon or received them as gifts but mostly I get them from the library. I’d love to be entered in the drawing — thanks for the entry!

  47. Christina M - Reply

    I’m trying to find audio books I like. Thank you having this contest.

  48. Bonnie James - Reply

    I am new to audio books but I want to try them. It would be tons easier as I get older my eyes are weaker and weaker!!

  49. Samantha M - Reply

    I love audiobooks. I usually listen to them on audible, but I have bought a few on iTunes, and even a few CD sets. I have trigeminal neuralgia, which is a debilitating facial nerve condition that causes fire-ant-bite-like tingling in the nerves on one side of my face, accompanied periodically by 1-3 minute tics that I can best describe as what I imagine it would feel like if you were to stick your tongue in a live electrical socket (not that I suggest trying that!). It is sometimes called the “suicide disease” because so many afflicted cannot tolerate the pain and choose to end their suffering within the first 2 years of diagnosis. Christmas Eve marks the start of my 12th year with this horrible nightmare. On my worst days, when the pain makes it too difficult for me to concentrate well enough to read, audiobooks are my saving grace, as they allow me to close my eyes and escape into another world. I also love audiobooks because when produced in close conjunction with the author, they allow you to hear the author’s words as the author intended them–right down to voice inflection, tone, and sometimes even personality nuances a good narrator can add to the performance. While reading allows me to hear the words according to the dictates of my own imagination, it is often amazing to also experience a book in accordance with the author’s vision as well. Best wishes to all for the holiday season!

  50. Kym Young - Reply

    Congratulations on the audio books ?
    I usually get my audio books through Audible, thank you for the opportunity and I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and an even Happier New Year ?⛄❄☃?

  51. Kristy Heinicke - Reply

    Love audiobooks, I love to listen to them when I’m cleaning, crafting, driving… well when I’m doing anything really. I’ve won most of the ones in my collection, they are all through Audible. Thank you for the chance <3

  52. Patricia Addison - Reply

    Have read these books and loved them all. Have not yet listened to an audio book, but any one of these would be a great start.

  53. Lynn Galyean - Reply

    OMG! I would absolutely love to win. I love to follow along in the book as I listen.

  54. Tina - Reply

    Hopefully someone here can help me out. I guess I hit email me all comments and needless to say I don’t know to change it. Went to manage emails, but it would not do anything. Please let me know how to fix it? Cheers

  55. Christiane - Reply

    That is so fantastic. So far, I only read the first book of the series.
    Just recently, I discovered audiobooks for me on business trips while driving.
    Thank you for offering up this awesome giveaway.

    Wishing you andyour family a winderful christmas season and a happy new year.

  56. Anna R. - Reply

    Yes, I listen to audiobooks. As I have chronic illness, it helps distract me when I’m sick and in pain. I get my audiobooks from audible. I especially love romance audiobooks!

  57. Bonny B - Reply

    I love audible especially historical romance books. They make me swoon with love!! ????? Merry Christmas and or Happy Holidays to all! ???

  58. Joanna Lujan - Reply

    I have not listen to a romance book on tape. Not really sure why? Guess i really like just having the book in my hand, but it would be fun to try an audio : )

  59. Renee Myrman Olichwier - Reply

    Stevie does an amazing job! I have to say she is my favorite narrator for historical romances! I cannot wait to listen to your audiobooks!!

  60. Kenra Mills - Reply

    I am starting to enjoy audiobooks especially on long car rides. I get motion sick if I read but I can listen. Would love to win one of your books!!

  61. Clare Doherty - Reply

    I love listening to audio books I either buy them from or I listen to them on librivox. I would love to win some because they are rather expensive. ?

  62. Barbara Hayes - Reply

    i love all your books I’m sure it will top my favorites list

  63. Layla Ling - Reply

    Congratulations on The Dukes of War audio Books!

    Love audio books! unlike books you can do other things as you listen.

  64. ElaineC - Reply

    I’ve listened to many audio books. I sometimes buy direct from Since I have a Kindle, if I buy a book for it, then I’m offered a cheaper price on the audio book still from audible. I bought ten audio books from Tantor, but I haven’t a clue as to how to get them on my Kindle. It’s complicated. Most narrators do a very good job on the many books I’ve listened to. Only a few were very bad. If I drive for more than ten minutes, I hook up my Kindle and listen to a book on it. 🙂

  65. laticia Vargas - Reply

    I hope I’m not too late. I love audio books for times I can’t read. I do a lot of driving for work and it’s great to not have to stop the story. ???

  66. Ros Stillman - Reply

    I have just found audio books and love them. Means I can now get more stories “read” lol. Would love to win one of yours 🙂

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