Blew past the 25% point this morning with Touched!

Oh, and it’s Good Karma Tuesday!

This week’s winner is CELESTE.

Celeste, email me your snail mail addy, and indicate your choice of the following books:

Edith Layton: For the Love of a Pirate
Edith Layton
For the Love of a Pirate
Judy Fitzwater: No Safe Place
Judy Fitzwater
No Safe Place
Shirley Karr: Confessions of a Viscount
Shirley Karr
Confessions of a Viscount
Sidney Ryan: High Heeled Alibi
Sidney Ryan
High Heeled Alibi

YOUR TURN: How’s your karma? How’s your WIP? Spill!


  1. Bill Clark - Reply

    Have been noticing the metric progress on Touched – yay for you!!

    My karma is on hold until I know the fate of TATTF’s title…can you give us an update? I really wish in retrospect that I’d mentioned this title to Gene Wilder – after all, he starred in a movie entitled “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. How could he not love a book called “Trevor and the Tooth Fairy”?!

    (BTW, he expects a signed copy of your book in exchange for the one he signed for you.) 🙂

  2. Celeste - Reply

    I’m a winner? Wheeeeeeee! Too fun 🙂 I needed some good news today!

  3. Belinda Kroll - Reply

    My karma is being way too nice to me lately. I had a blast this past weekend at a conference at the university where I want to go to grad school, I’m feeling really good about my WIP, and school is letting me stay in control for the time being. Life is good.

  4. B.E. Sanderson - Reply

    Yay!! I love reaching those milestones.

    I don’t know about the karma, but the writing is going well. I hit 25K in my WIP, and I’m rolling along in my editing of book #4. I don’t think I’m going to reach my end-of-the-year goals, but I’m hoping to at least get close. =oD

    And congrats to Celeste on winning!

  5. Demon Hunter - Reply

    I’m in between WIP’s. I begin my next one on Monday… I’m currently researching.

  6. lacey kaye - Reply

    (BTW, he expects a signed copy of your book in exchange for the one he signed for you.) 🙂

    Gene Wilder?

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