Today’s Choose Your Own Adventure® installment over at the Manuscript Mavens blog is by one of my fave authors, Elizabeth Hoyt. Go read! And vote–all voters are eligible for the many random prize drawings at Halloween!

(I read her books The Raven Prince, The Leopard Prince, and The Serpent Prince earlier this year.)

Speaking of reading… this two-week temporary soccer mom thing managed to swallow my reading time whole. In the past 10 days, I’ve read one half of one book. Hm. I may go on a reading binge after Halloween. At least the book I’m reading is funny and entertaining: My French Whore, a romance novel by Gene Wilder. (Thanks, Bill!)

YOUR TURN: Read anything lately? Books, authors, or entertaining links to recommend? Clue me in!


  1. B.E. Sanderson - Reply

    I just read a couple books in Laura Bradford’s Jenkins & Burns mystery series. Plus, The Reincarnationist and Lynn Viehl’s first Darkyn book. I’d recommend them all. Plus, if you haven’t read Allison Brennan, she’s awesome. I inhaled all of her books earlier in the year, and now I have to wait for more. Or for a fun read, try Natalie M. Roberts’ Tutu Deadly and its sequel Tapped Out (just released). =oD

  2. Bill Clark - Reply

    Since I can’t be there to help co-parent the OG and YB (sigh), I’m honored that you chose to bring over the book Wilder signed for you while he was in Greenwich…I’ve been watching the “Books Read” sidebar on your blog to see it appear – guess it won’t be long now! (As Wilder said, it’s more a novella than a novel.)

    Off to read the latest instalment in CYOA (why does that sound vaguely off-color?). 😉

  3. Erica Ridley - Reply

    B.E.: Great tips! Thanks!!

    Bill: Yep, it’ll be the next one up there! And then it’ll either be The Reincarnationist or one of my (er, overdue) library books. I either need to return those, or read and return those. And then attack my ever-growing TBR pile…

  4. Kristen Painter - Reply

    I’m reading Peter Dunne’s Emotional Structure. It’s a writing book for screenwriters, but SO pertinent for novelists!

  5. lacey kaye - Reply

    I’m surprised you’re reading it and not bashing yourself across the forehead with it…

  6. Kris - Reply

    OK, I’m so behind the times, but I’ve just discovered Jennifer Crusie and and busy with her books. That and I’m still struggling through The Time Traveler’s Wife. Well really, I’ve put it down, but with every intention of picking it up again. Probably after my stint as a soccer mom is over… in 13 years.

  7. Erica Ridley - Reply

    Kristen: I saw the note on your blog about Romance Divas doing a group thang with this book in November. Sounds intriguing!

    Katrina: And I have no idea how you do it!

    Lace: Hehehe.

    Kris: Jenny’s books are so fun and funny! I’ve read most if not all of them. Haven’t read the TTW, though. Had the ending “spoiled” for me a while back, but it was never on my TBR anyway. LMK if you think it’s worth a read.

  8. beverley - Reply

    Does it count when you’re rereading books you absolutely love because you’ve either read everything out there right now you want or you can’t find anything new out there you want to read?

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