November Contest: WIN FREE STUFF!

I finished reviewing Too Wicked To Kiss for the verrrry last time (scary!) and turned in the pages containing corrections.

This means that I now have an advance copy of her book… minus 32 pages.

What to do???

Best (and/or funniest and silliest) suggestion for the best use of a 392-page-minus-32-pages romance novel and gothic mystery WILL WIN: a shiny cover flat of Too Wicked To Kiss PLUS the proofs page number of your choice!!

Provided you don’t pick one of the 32 missing pages, that is. Muahahahaa! *

(* Should that happen, you will get the next closest page. Maybe even the page before AND the page after!)

You may enter as many times as you like!


Just leave a comment with:
1) Your suggestion on the best use of a 392-minus-32 page novel, and
2) The page number you’d like to win along with your book cover

Be creative… and WIN!!


  1. kaisquared - Reply

    I would use this volume to prop up the uneven leg on my chaise lounge, so that my next ravishment will go more smoothly…..

    Please send me page 169….

  2. Shari Ferrari - Reply

    I would send it to your arch enemy (pretend you have one) as a torture device so they would have to read the book without those 32 pages which would inevitably drive them so insane wishing they had those pages. They would suffer enormous jealousy at your talent as well as crave what is missing! Ha!! I would like the last page. 🙂

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