Working Vacation?

Today I leave for Costa Rica. I’ll be back next Friday. Since I do business wherever my laptop happens to be, the plan is to keep posting all next week while I’m gone. (Provided that there’s no snafus with Internet access, of course.)

I’m super-excited because a) I love to travel, and b) Costa Rica remains the prettiest place I’ve ever been in my life. (And I’ve been to quite a few places!)

So, while I’m gone, would you like me to post about:

  1. Costa Rica, baby. Tell us everything!
  2. Writer stuff only. We don’t care about Costa Rica.
  3. Happy medium? Can we have a little of both?

Vote in the comments!


  1. ERiCA - Reply

    Hi Twill! I’m not sure what I’ll get to do yet–I’ll be with client the whole time, but I’m sure we will sneak some fun in. Client’s house is very close to Volcano Arenal. And now I’m off… Next post will be from Costa Rica! =)

  2. tjkillian - Reply

    Have a great time, Gigi (lol – had to throw that in there).

    I know nothing about Costa Rica. So high points would be great.


  3. B.E. Sanderson - Reply

    Blog whatever you’d like. Costa Rica, Writing… Costa Rican Writing. Whatever. ;o)

    Have a safe trip.

  4. Ericka Scott - Reply

    Have never been to Costa Rica! So, post away, pictures are nice too.

    My vote is for a bit of a mix!

    Have fun!

  5. ERiCA - Reply

    The people have spoken! Therefore, I will fight the archaic dialup system (the only available Internet) to bring you photos!

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