Costa Rica: Day 1

I left for Costa Rica on Friday morning. The layover was in Miami and naturally, this being Florida, a thunderstorm ensued, leaving us stranded on the runway for an hour or so. Customs in San Jose was also a long wait, but believe me–Costa Rica is worth it! I have never been to a prettier place in my life.

So, the first thing we did was get in the car to drive to the house. Not a short trip, since we were at the San Jose airport instead of Liberia, which is the closer (but in this case, more expensive) airport.

On our drive up, we met with the infamous Costa Rican pot holes, as well as an entire herd of piscote. When we arrived at the house, we sat outside with a bottle of Imperial (the national beer) and watched the sunset. (Ah, bliss)

I do have more photos, but at these upload speeds…. Please forgive me!

Your turn. I want to know your travel horror stories! Give me your best (worst) airport experience, sauna-sized pot holes, whatever.


  1. Ericka Scott - Reply

    How gorgeous! Enjoying the pictures! Now, I have to go off and hunt up information on the little critters that you saw! (Anything other than writing the dreck I’ve been trolling up from the depths today.)

  2. ERiCA - Reply

    LOL, let me know what you find out. They ran up to the car and “begged” for food right in the middle of the highway. Crazy!

  3. B.E. Sanderson - Reply

    Worst travel story: Back in… I think it was 1998… Just before the NW Airlines strike. I was living in MI at the time and had to take a business trip to CT. The flight out was cancelled due to ‘mechanical problems’, the next flight put me in Hartford at midnight and I still had to rent a car and drive to Danbury. They lost my luggage. The computers at Hertz were down.

    The flight back left and arrived on time, but we sat on the tarmac at Detroit Metro for 2 hours before they’d let us off. The flight attendents were rude, and they wouldn’t let us use the bathrooms. They went on strike the following week.

  4. ERiCA - Reply

    B.E.: Yikes! That sounds like a Murphy’s Law nightmare come to life.

  5. lacey kaye - Reply

    OMG! So pretty! Sorry it took me so long to come look. Those animals are so cute! I had no idea there were crazy animals just running around down there.

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