Win a Rogues to Riches audiobook!

I am SO excited to announce that the talented Marian Hussey has narrated all six books of the Rogues to Riches romances in audiobook!

Win a copy of any previous Rogues to Riches audiobook over on my website, and pick up your copy of the latest release at your favorite retailer!

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Fall in love with fan-favorite Maxwell Gideon, enigmatic owner of the infamous regency gaming den, The Cloven Hoof. Watch as this clever, take-no-prisoners gentleman finally meets his match!

In the Rogues to Riches historical romance series by USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Erica Ridley, Cinderella stories aren’t just for princesses…

Marian HusseyNarrated by Marian Hussey.

Audible | Apple / iTunes | Amazon (+ .com)

Want to win your choice FREE audiobook of any prior Rogues to Riches romance? Enter by leaving a comment below!

  1. Lord of Chance
  2. Lord of Pleasure
  3. Lord of Night
  4. Lord of Temptation
  5. Lord of Secrets

JUST TELL ME: Have you ever listened to an audiobook? If so, where do you get yours? Do you have favorite narrators or styles?


  1. Suzanne Stark - Reply

    I am listening to my first audiobook “The Stand” by Stephen King. I like it so far though I still like reading it myself better.

    • Billie Jo - Reply

      I have never listened to an audio book, but I always wanted to.

  2. Niki - Reply

    I use audible for audiobooks and thus far Tim Campbell is my favorite narrator. I’ve listened to several of Christi Caldwell’s books narrated by him and it just really adds something to the story.

  3. Jhommie - Reply

    I do listen to audiobooks and get them from Audible.. I also review audiobooks that’s given to me by authors and narrators. I love audiobooks specially if I have to do chores. 🙂

  4. Ulrika - Reply

    I’ve started to listen to audio books about six months ago, since reading strains my eyes. I buy my audio books from Audible UK and I also post reviews on that site. My favorite narrator is Stevie Zimmerman, I love her character voices.

    I mostly listen to historical romance book, but also historical fiction and some paranormal romance.

  5. Patty Hammond - Reply

    I love listening to audiobooks, especially in the car during my daily commute. I am a member of Audible and subscribe to the Romance Package!

  6. Sahar Husseini - Reply

    I love audio books. I have been listening for many years, long before Audible came on the scene. I started at the National Library Service for the Blind, and now, I get Audible audio books from time to time. I am signed up for their romance package and love it. I’m not really sure how to answer the question about narrators and styles. I have liked many narrators over the years. I love it when the narrator has a variety of accents. If you are reading a book with a Scottish accent, they can do it. I also like it when they have a slight change in voice for the different characters they portray.

  7. Tiffany - Reply

    I love listening to audiobooks and get mine through Audible. I review every audiobook I listen to on Audible as well. Audiobooks make my work commute so much better. My favorite female narrator is Ava Lucas. For male narrators, I really like Teddy Hamilton, Aaron Shedlock, and Aiden Snow. Thank you for the chance!

  8. Sandy Pochapin - Reply

    I have been listening to audiobooks in my car for at least 8 years and I hate to go anywhere without one! I don’t buy them, however, I get them from my local library where I am an active member of the “Friends”. I review all of them on Amazon and Goodreads after I finish listening. I’d love to start with the first one in your series “Lords of Chance”.

  9. Patricia Beach - Reply

    I’ve never listened to an audio book. However when my children were young I listened to a story read and written by John Travolta. It was on a cassette tape and it was about flying airplanes. I can’t remember the name of it. We all enjoyed listening to it.

  10. Marie - Reply

    I LOVE listening to audio books. I often use Audible, or borrow them from my library.

  11. Sharon schmidt - Reply

    I won Lord of Night paperback from Erica probably a year or so ago and would love the audible of it! Love all Erica’s books and she is a go to author for me without hesitation! ❤️

  12. Aline Pack - Reply

    Love audiobooks I listen on my way to work.
    Love audible
    Thank you for the chance ?

  13. Vikki - Reply

    Audio books are really appreciated by those of us with visual problems. As a senior I am struggling with clouded vision and double vision as well.and sincerely enjoy listening to novels that inspire me. Erica Ridley is one of my favorite writers. Surprisingly, the quality of writing is as important as the story and Erica ‘s respect for grammar makes the audio books flow. I prefer audio books that use both male and female actors. I have trouble following actors with accents.

  14. Jenn Crouse - Reply

    I adore audiobooks and listen as often as possible (sometimes daily) and often more than reading ebooks anymore. I am an Audible junkie and will binge buy. Also, I love narrators that add that “extra” level to the story. I have no absolute favorite narrators but do associate certain narrator’s voices with certain authors, characters or series. And I hate when they change it up mid series. I am not a fan of multiple narrators.

  15. Karen - Reply

    I love audiobooks and listen to them while exercising or driving. I enjoy listening to books that I’ve read. I find that I get so much more of the story when I hear the audiobook after having read the book. I’d love to win this one. And I do post reviews when I finish them.

  16. Reena - Reply

    I love listening to audiobooks and usually combine them with the ebook – it doubles the experience! I mostly get them on Audible or Amazon (when it supports whispersync). I already have “Lord of Chance” and I loved it!

  17. Jenny - Reply

    I love audiobooks! I normally get them from Audible or my library app. My favorite narrators are Mary Jane Wells, Sebastian York, Zachary Webber, Rosalyn Landor…lots of them!

  18. Christy D - Reply

    I have been listening to audiobooks for the last few years and I just love them. Sadly I rarely read anymore though. Audible, authors direct or I absolutely have favorite narrators and styles. I like duets and single narrations

  19. Bette - Reply

    I listen to lots of audiobooks. I mainly get them from my library on the Hoopla and RBDigital apps on my phone. My two favorite narrators are Barbara Rosenblat and Jayne Entwistle.

  20. Pam Oldham - Reply

    I get my audiobooks from 3 sources: authors ( to review prior to release), audible, and the library. My introduction to audiobooks was through the Outlander series and the fabulous narrator Davina Porter. I had already read the books and wanted to experience the books through another medium. Now I own Hundreds of audiobooks!

  21. Janie McGaugh - Reply

    I love listening to audio books. I get most of mine from the library, and I’ve purchased a lot from Audible, too. I used to purchase them from Tantor Audio and AudioBookStand (for Brilliance Audio), but they quit selling direct to consumers – sigh!

  22. Krystyna - Reply

    I’ve listened to audiobooks on Audible for years. My favorite narrators are Emily Sutton-Smith, Zachary Webber, Brittany Presley, Andi Arndt, Kate Rudd, and Sebastian York. I listen to many different genres but I’ve been getting into more thrillers lately. I usually cycle through different genres every few months which is really easy to do on Audible. They even have a romance monthly subscription.

  23. Jessica N - Reply

    I love audiobooks! They’re so fun to listen to, and my favorite is while I’m doing housework or traveling. I mostly get mine through Audible, although I’ve listened to quite a few from my library’s provider, too! No favorite narrator or style, I love them all!

  24. Kat Taffner - Reply

    Since having had surgery on both lines for glaucoma I was forced to try getting a Audiobooks to keep my reading fix in line. Usually I read 1 to 2 bucks a day so I really enjoy reading having that then having that Taken away really messed with my mind. Audiobooks helps keep my sanity during that time and Since that time it has helped many a time. I will read And I can get my hands on.

  25. Cheryl Prettyjohns - Reply

    I’ve listened to a number of audiobooks. I get mine from audible. Dave Gillies is a favourite for a Scottish accent. Tim Campbell is also excellent.

  26. Inishowen Cailin - Reply

    I love audio books. I buy mine from Audible UK and I occasionally get them through the library using the borrowbox app. I also get some audio books to review from

  27. Ellen Porcari - Reply

    I read audio books all the time. I listen in the car during my daily commute and when I knit or spin.
    A good voice is essential; a bad narrator can ruin the whole book! I have an account with Audible and buy monthly credits. I also subscribe to the romance package so I can listen to even more books. My favorite Regency narrator is Rosalyn Landor – she can bring me right into the period with a sentence.

  28. S. J. White - Reply

    I publish a book last month and. I used the same cover model In my Ace of Hearts that Erica used in Lord of Vice.
    S. J. White

  29. Katina Fragakis - Reply

    I listen to audiobooks almost every evening. Most I obtain from our public library: 3M Cloud, RB digital, and Hoopla digital. Others I purchase with credits from my Audible membership. I love to read, but I also love to listen while playing games on my laptop. My favorites are historical romance, contemporary romance, and western romance.

  30. Kantu - Reply

    Hi Erica,

    Thank you for this offer. In answer to your questions, I usually get my audiobooks via audible/amazon. Occasionally there are free offerings, or winning prizes, much like this one. In which case, these are spread out whatever application they are sent on.

    I like to listen to my books while I am weaving, knitting or crocheting. They are also my companion when I go for walks. I love them. My son is a well known performer in the audiobook world, having won some nominations. You might want to check him out. His name is Sunil Malhotra. He has a number of audiobooks under his belt.

    Hope you will consider my entry for the audiobook.

  31. Karen M. - Reply

    I listen to audiobooks every day and get them from Audible, and Authors Direct. I don’t have a favorite narrator.

  32. TinaMarie - Reply

    I acquire and listen to my audio books through Audible, Overdrive and RB Digital. There are quite a few good narrators out there. Jim Frangione, Angela Dawe, Sophie Eastlake, Justine Eyre, Holter Graham, Cynthia Holloway, Suzanne Elise to name a few

  33. Jane Sprando - Reply

    I have not listened to an audiobook. Can I listen on my iPad? What APP do I need?

  34. Tina - Reply

    I listen to audiobooks all the time, my husband and I share an audible account which leads to a pretty interesting library. We’re both fans of Ray Porter as a narrator, and I enjoy Tavia Gilbert.

  35. Lull Z - Reply

    I definitely listen to audiobooks when I can! I have a small but steadily growing collection over at despite living in Canada (the American market has more options and it’s less frustrating to download the files than with

    Favourite narrators include Joel Leslie, Nicholas Boulton, Cornell Collins, Rosalyn Landor, Xe Sands, Kate Reading, Hamish McKinlay and Violet Primm. They have varying styles and approaches to narration, but I love them all. Especially the sound of their voice, just perfect.

  36. Dianne Hart - Reply

    I love audio books❣️❣️❣️❣️
    I get mine from Audible.

  37. Dolores Feagin - Reply

    I love audiobooks! If the narrator is the right one, an audiobook adds an extra dimension to the pleasure of a good story. I have bought from Audible and from Tantor as well as borrowed from my public library. My favorite narrators are Rosalyn Landor, Sophie Eastlake and Kirsten Potter.

  38. Donna Wiebe - Reply

    Thanks for having the contest. I am listening to audiobooks all the time. I get them from the library and from I love the books that are read by the authors themselves. Please enter my name in your draw.

  39. Julie B Luppino - Reply

    I’ve listened to many audiobooks over the years. Some were from libraries, I purchased some, and others were downloaded from LibriVox or Tantor Audio. I like Barbara Rosenblat and Simon Vance a lot, but many others as well.

  40. Rose - Reply

    I listen to audiobooks exclusively as I suffer from chronic, intractable migraine and it’s not possible for me read anymore. When I find an author I love I am always excited to find their works on audiobooks. Whether I get them tru audible or the library, I always have a ton loaded on my iPad! My favorite narrators have soothing, calming voices that help ease the tension & stress of a really bad migraine.

  41. Susan R - Reply

    I use the Libby app linked to my local library. I do not necessarily have a favorite narrator, but I love a good British accent! Love romance, the historical and current era. If it has humor it it so much a bonus, while I’m in the car I can just laugh as loud as I want!

  42. Audra Hanson - Reply

    I love audio books… I mostly borrow them from my local and state libraries.. and have purchase quite a few from I do not have a good local source.

  43. Amber Niebaum - Reply

    I have been listening to audio books for a very long time. I love them! I get mine from multiple places. The library, Facebook pages, authors, and a couple of websites that offer free ones. I often receive audiobook s in exchange for an honest review.

  44. Krissy Johansen - Reply

    I use to listen to audio books all the time from the library but haven’t in awhile. My favorites were whoever read the Harry Potter Series and Janet Evanovich One for the Money Series. Speaking with a lot of emotions allowing you to feel like you’re in the story is what I love from them.

  45. Lorie B - Reply

    I have listened to a couple of audio books so far. I am new to them. I’ve gotten a few from Audible and I received an audiobook as a giveaway prize once. It was sent with Author’s Direct. ? Thank you for the chance!!

  46. Pat M - Reply

    I have listened to audio books before. Most[y, I get them at the library.. Some of my favorite readers are Barbara Rosenblatt and Jim Dale.

  47. Linda G - Reply

    I have been listening to audio books for years and think they are great. I always have one playing in the car and usually in the house also. They are especially nice when someone is recovering from surgery and immobile. I do not care for fantasy, gore or vampires but listen to everything else. I enjoy the variety. I do not have a favorite narrator. I purchase audiobooks from Amazon, Walmart, bookstores, even thrift stores (pretty much anywhere they are sold!). One of my favorite audiobooks is the unabridged version of “Pillars of The Earth” by Ken Follett. “World Without End” takes place about two hundred years later and involves descendants of the characters in “Pillars of The Earth”. I enjoyed both books. Janet Evonavich, Fannie Flagg, Sabrina Jeffries, and Erica Ridley are some of my favorite authors.

  48. Christine Fox - Reply

    I just love my audiobooks. They make the long hours travelling I do for work entertaining and feed my story addiction. I’d love to win a Lords audiobook. What a treat!

    I buy my audiobooks from

  49. Lorena - Reply

    I love audiobooks if the narrator is good. I generally get my audiobooks from Audible. Marian Hussey is a fantastic narrator! Other narrators I like include Neil Gaiman, Richard Armitage, Humphrey Bower, Alan Cumming, Tim Curry, Simon Vance, Nicholas Boulton, Katherine Kellgren, and Diana Rowland.

  50. Kayla - Reply

    I LOVE audio books!!! I’ve gotten through at least 100 audio books every year since 2016 (170 in 2016, 163 in 2017, currently on book 26). All of the audio books that I own I get from audible but I borrow a lot of audio books from the library via overdrive. And my favorite narrators would have to be Bianca Amato, Sierra Kline, Bahni Turpin & Will M Watt.

  51. Heather R. - Reply

    I love audiobooks! I get them from my local library or Audible. My favorite narrator is Mary Jane Wells, who narrates awesome books by Angela Quarles, Tessa Dare, and Lisa Kleypas. She is amazing!

  52. Shawn Hamdorf - Reply

    I listen all the time to audiobooks. Love your stories but haven’t listened to one. Looking at that for my next audible credit

  53. Lauren - Reply

    I have been listening to audiobooks for about a year now. I listen to all mine on audible. My favorite narrators are Stevie Zimmerman and David Monteath right now. They really pull me into the story with their different voices and ability to make the story flow.

  54. Kristen Virgil - Reply

    I have used Audible but have become disappointed with them. I did start listening to podcasts through my iphone so now that you’ve mentioned audiobooks on iTunes I may need to try that instead! No favorite narrators since it’s been a while since I listened.

  55. Candy Briggs - Reply

    I have had an audible membership but have just started listening but enjoying it. Thank you.

  56. Cheri Schueller - Reply

    Yes, I do. I get them mostly through my library, but also from Audible and my Kindle. I enjoy all kinds of stories!

  57. Rachel Radke - Reply

    I have listened to many audiobooks. I usually borrow them from my library, either digitally or cd’s. Some of my favorites are Jim Dale and all of the Harry Potter books (I have actually purchased all of these), David Suchet and Hugh Fraser reading Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot books, and Rosalind Landor reading Julia Quinn. I’m a fan of British narrators, lol

  58. Bett Huffaker - Reply

    I get audiobooks from Audible, local libraries using Overdrive and Libby, and through Audiobooksync, a free summer teen-reading program. I am a High School English teacher, so I try to stay fairly current with the teen market. I started listening to audiobooks about 25 years ago when my kids were little and I was a stay-at-home mom. I had to choose books that my kids could enjoy with me or that would not be inappropriate for their ages. It introduced my kids to things they would not have been ready to read on their own yet. Redwall, written and read by Brian Jacques literally took my son from “I won’t read it if it doesn’t have pictures.” to reading 300-page novels including every book Jacques wrote and they are written with characters speaking every British dialect known to man.

  59. CassandraG - Reply

    Listen to audiobooks all the time. Usually from and Author-direct. They are good. A favorite is anything read by Nigel Peever. Whether it’s Dark Oak or the Innocence of Father brown you’ll enjoy it a lot. *Rachel Radke, you’ll definitely love him. He’s British**lol*
    Jean Oram’s audio books are good to, whether it’s “love and rumors” or “whiskey and gumdrops” they are a nice listen.

  60. Kai Wong - Reply

    I have listened to audiobooks. I buy mines from, authordirect, and Amazon (when I want a physical copy).

    There are quite a few narrators I just love to listen to, Eric Dove, Veronica Giguere, and Steve Barnes, (just to name a few).

  61. Jocelyne Germain - Reply

    I love audiobooks! I have some favorite narrators (Lacy Laurel, DC Cole, Aaron Shedlock, Tracy Marks, Shane East, Jason Clarke, Jeremy York). I like Romantic Suspense, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Rom Com. Thanks for the chance!

  62. Karen - Reply

    I love audiobooks! I get mine via Audible. My favorite narrator is Michael Pauley.

  63. Sandra - Reply

    Yes listen just about every day mostly just from audible love tor thom
    Thanks for the chance

  64. Jane - Reply

    I love audiobooks when I have to drive very early and long-distance.
    Love a sexy male voice. Scottish accent is great as well.
    But, I prefer a male and female narrator. It feels not right that the voice of the female heroine is also the male ones and the other way around. Am just not able to getting used to it.

    Congrats on that awesome news and many thanks for the opportunity.

  65. Trudy Kimbrough - Reply

    I’ve been listening to audiobooks for years, the same amount of time I’ve been a member of Audible. I love listening while I’m driving to and from work. I drive through Atlanta traffic, which can be very stressful at time, and audiobooks help alleviate that a little. I also use Whispersynch so I can go from book to audio and back again without missing a beat. My favorite narrators are Rosalyn Landor, Alex Wyndham and Tim Campbell,

  66. Jerry Pierson - Reply

    My husband and I like to listen to audiobooks together. So far the narrators have been very good. Thank you for the chance to win.

  67. Celeste Jacobson - Reply

    I have read your enjoyable Dukes of War series. I am hoping to start your Rogues to Riches soon. Thanks for a chance to win a book in this series.

    C Jacobson

  68. Billie Marshall - Reply

    I enjoy listening to audio books especially when I am traveling.

  69. Julia Guttzeit - Reply

    I love audiobooks. I get most of mine from the local library – and the ladies there already hate me, because I often pester them about a week after a new audiobook was published. Sometimes I splurge on an audiobook on audible.

    I prefer British narrators. And I also like it, when the male part of an audiobook is narrated by a man, but it’s not a must. The last series of books that I “audioread” was narrated by Marian Hussey.

    Listening to audiobooks allows me to read and knit/weave/cook/clean at the same time.

  70. Jessica P. - Reply

    I love audiobooks! I have been listening to audiobooks for about 9 months now. I listen almost exclusively to romance audiobooks. I get my audiobooks from my library using Hoopla and Overdrive, and I also get books from Audible (I buy some and I listen to others in the Romance Package). I like so many of the narrators that I have listened to, and I like all styles/genres, from historical to contemporary to paranormal romance.

  71. Donamae - Reply

    I’m new to audio books but want to try one. Thank you for the chance.

  72. Donamae - Reply

    I’m new to audio books but want to try one. Thank you for the chance. It sounds interesting.

  73. Sanet Geldenhuys - Reply

    I love audiobooks and get them through Àudible. My favourite narrators are Marian Hussey, Jan Cramer, Elaine Wise and Michele Moran!

  74. Pam Potter - Reply

    Yes, I love Audiobooks! My favorite, so far, is Patricia Rice books narrated by Eliza Jane Cornell. I get my books at Audible.

  75. Tamara Hauser - Reply

    I love audiobooks. I listen on audible and I borrow them from my library.

  76. Shirley Maum - Reply

    I love to listen to audio books when I sew, ride my stationary bike and during long distance. It helps to pass the time.

  77. Shirley Fender-Clarke - Reply

    I read at least two books per week. It is so much easier when traveling by public transportation or at the end of the day when you need to unwind. Love,love Erica Ridleys books

  78. Tanu'e Whie - Reply

    I love audio books. I get most of them from the public library. I was interested in audible, but I do not like the idea of them making choices for me. I don’t have time to read a lot anymore. Therefore, listening is my alternative. I do a lot of that whenever choices are available.

  79. Brenda Hughes - Reply

    I love listening to audiobooks. I use audible and Kobo. Tim Camplell has become my favorite. Your books are wonderful. I haven’t listened to your books yet, only read. Thank you for the chance to enter.

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