Out Now: One Enchanted Season

OneEnchantedSeason One Enchanted Season

CL Wilson, Erica Ridley, and Elissa Wilds — three bestselling and critically acclaimed authors of paranormal romance — weave stories inspired by classic holiday songs.

‘Tis the season to enchant…

In C.L. Wilson’s UPON A MIDNIGHT, an angel helps a troubled woman heal the wounds of her past so her soul can relearn how to sing.

Erica Ridley delivers magic with LET IT SNOW, in which a treasure hunter breaches an enchanted castle only to become trapped inside with a cursed princess and a suspicious tree.

And in SNOWMAN, Elissa Wilds weaves a tale of forbidden love that bridges two very different worlds, when a snowy stranger appears at an isolated mountain cabin seeking much more than shelter from the storm.

Step into a world where the nights are long and dark, snowflakes sparkle like fairy lights, and the hearth fires burn as brightly as the passion of newfound love.

Erica Ridley