Sorry I’ve been MIA all week, but I just hit THE END on Touched this morning! w00t! Yayayayayayay!!!

Also, it’s been one year this week since I first brainstormed the wacky tooth fairy story over on Miss Snark’s blog that turned into 400 pages now known as Hi-Jinxed two title changes, four character tweaks, and a major plot change later. (full story here)

2007 rocked—here’s to 2008!!!


  1. Bill Clark - Reply


    I’ll second that!! 🙂

    And many happy returns to Trevor and Daisy! I can’t wait to see them in print!

  2. Bill Clark - Reply

    major plot change

    Wait a minute…I read your post so quickly this one slipped right by me. Will I still recognize the book when I finally see it in print?

    *Bill gets out his worry beads, wondering what has happened to Daisy and Trevor that he doesn’t know about…* 🙁

  3. Vicki - Reply

    Yay!!! Major congrats on finishing Touched!

    I can’t wait to see what 2008 holds for you. 😀 Print, lots of print is my wish for you.

  4. Carrie R. - Reply

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAYYYYYYYAYAYAYYY!!!! Congrats!!! You must have been working your tail off!! Now you and I can start our next projects together 🙂

  5. BernardL - Reply

    Congratulations, and here’s hoping for massive publication of all your works this coming year.

  6. Tessa Dare - Reply

    **tosses confetti**

    Congratulations on finishing TOUCHED, and on all your fabulous milestones this year. I can’t wait to toss more confetti in the months to come. 🙂

  7. Gillian Layne - Reply


    Realistic goals….I need to go check mine against that as well, I fear. 🙂

  8. Kris - Reply

    I just posted about what everyone’s milestones were for this year, then went blog-visiting and see you’ve already listed a big one. Congrats! Here’s to more good stuff in 2008!


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