Good Karma Tuesday + Special Request

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s Good Karma Tuesday winner is: HEATHER

Remember, all you have to do to win is comment anywhere on this blog! I even check and respond to comments on old, archived posts, so leave your input wherever you’d like. Oh, and send me your address when you win, so I can send you a prize! =)

I sent out a giant stack of prizes last week. Vicki Lane, B.E. Sanderson and Alyssa Goodnight were the first to tell me they’d received theirs. Hopefully the rest of the prizes start showing up for everyone else very soon!

Hope you all join me tomorrow for story time, as I present a true life fairy tale called TATTF: A Journey in Karmic Coincidence. But first! The “Special Request” portion of today’s post comes into play.

Please help me think up potential titles for TMFKATATTF!
(The Manuscript Formerly Known as Trevor & the Tooth Fairy)

Next week’s Good Karma Tuesday winner(s) will be randomly chosen from anyone who posts a comment with title suggestions.


Length: Any
Just because TATTF is a long title doesn’t mean YOUR suggestion has to be!

Content: Evocative of Genre
Ideally, the title will imply “funny”, “paranormal”, and “romance”
(I’m willing to settle for a subset, but perfect-world would have all three)

Example: Stephanie Rowe
Her novels “Sex & the Immortal Bad Boy” (Bad Boy=funny, Immortal=paranormal, Sex=romance) and “Must Love Dragons” (singles-ad style title, Love=romance, Dragons=paranormal) both have all three elements.

Exceptions: Not juvenile or gay
While there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality or childhood, this book is about neither subject. So, titles such as “A Visit From the Tooth Fairy” and “The Fairy and the Bone Lover” should be avoided at all costs. *g

Current list of suggested titles:
(Updated regularly from the comments section)
* A Brush with Love
* A Chance for Magic
* A Charming Young Lady
* A Fairy Huge Bone
* A Handful of Glitter
* A Hint of Magic
* A Man for the Fairy Lover
* A Pixie for Trevor
* A Toothsome Tale
* A Touch of Magic
* All’s Fairy in Love
* Ain’t That the Tooth
* As You Wish
* Beaver in the Woods
* Beneath His Pillow
* Between Two Worlds
* Brace Yourself
* Charmed to the Teeth
* Charming the Tooth Fairy
* Come Back Here with that Tooth
* Daisy and the Digger
* Daisy & the Winged Horse She Rode in On
* Daisy and Trevor’s Teeth
* Daisy Chain
* Daisy In Love
* Daisy Le Fay, Apprentice Tooth Fairy
* Daisy Undercovers
* Daisy’s Teeth
* Dating for the Magically Challenged
* Dig that Pixie
* Diggin’ for the Tooth
* Digging For Love
* Digging On You
* Digs Fangs and Fey
* Dirty Daisy
* Dr. Forceps and Nurse Tweezer
* Earning Her Wings
* Fairies Need Love Too
* Fairy Carpet Ride
* Fairy Eye for a Bone Guy
* Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary
* Fairy in Love
* Fairy in My Closet
* Fairy Love
* Fairy Lust
* Fairy Me
* Fairy Tail
* Fairy Thee Well
* Fairy Well
* Fight for Tooth
* Fighting Tooth Fairy and Nail
* Focus Pocus
* ForgetMe (Not)
* Fossils and Fairies
* Gimme That Tooth, Handsome!
* Giving my Eyeteeth for Love
* His Fairy Lady
* His Magic Wand
* Hot Fairy Sex and the Mortal Archaeologist
* How Trevor Met Daisy
* How Trevor Won Tenure
* I Like You Fairy Much
* In the Teeth of Love
* Jurassic Pixie
* Like Magic
* Love & the Magically Challenged
* Love & the Single Fairy
* Love and Wishes
* Love Dig
* Lovelives of the Magically Challenged
* Magical and True
* Magical Mystery Tooth
* Magically Challenged
* Midwest Magic
* Mismatched
* Miss Snark and the Tooth Fairy
* Miss Snark Loved This..and Killer Yapp Too
* Molar Express
* Move over Fairy Godmother, here comes the Tooth Fairy
* Must Love Magic
* My Fair Fairy
* My Fairy Lady
* My Sweet Tooth
* No Pillow Needed
* Not the Right Pillow
* Nothin’ but the Tooth
* [Of] Teeth and Tenure
* [Of] Teeth and True Love
* [Of] Wings and Bones
* One Fae too many
* On the Wings of a Bone
* Opposites Attract
* Pillow Sham
* Pillow Slip
* Pillow Talk
* Pillow Talk with a Pixie
* Pinning Her Wings
* Pixie Dig
* Pixie Love
* Pixie Lust
* Pixie Talk
* Professors & Pixie Dust
* Pumpkins & Pixie Dust
* Right Tooth, Wrong Pillow
* Saving Apprentice Daisy
* School of Rocks
* Screwed Up
* Sex and the Single Fairy
* Sex and the Single Pixie
* Sexy Daisy
* She Took More Than Teeth
* Spreading Her Wings
* Stop, Or I’ll Steal Your Teeth
* Strange Hands in my Sleeping Bag
* Sweet Tooth
* Tenure Through Teeth
* The Anthropologist’s Tooth Fairy
* The Book Formerly Known as TMFKATATTF
* The Bone Beneath My Wings
* The Cap and the Crown
* The Case of the Malevolent Molar
* The Drill and the Floss
* The Eyeteeth of Love
* The Fairy & Her Odd Parents
* The Fairy & the Bone Lover
* The Fairy In Trevor’s Closet
* The Fairy with the Magic Wand
* The Molar of the Story
* The Naked Tooth
* The Night of the Tooth Fairy’s Apprentice
* The Night the Tooth Fairy Earned Her Wings
* The Pillow Case
* The Practical Fairy
* The Prof and the Peri
* The Sexy Pixie
* The Teeth of Love
* The Tooth About Daisy
* The Tooth About Fairies
* The Tooth About Love
* The Tooth About Trevor
* The Tooth Fairy’s Apprentice
* The Tooth Fairy’s Lover
* The Tooth Shall Set You Free
* The Trouble with the Tooth Fairy
* The Trouble with Trevor
* The Truth About the Tooth Fairy
* The Whole Tooth
* The Wrong Pillow
* Through the Eyeteeth of Love
* To Daisy with Love
* To Tell the Tooth
* To the Fairy with Love
* Tooth and Bone
* Tooth and Nail
* Tooth be Told
* Tooth Fairy Tales
* Tooth Lover
* Tooth Magic
* Tooth or Consequences
* Tooth or Dare
* Toothfully Trevor’s
* Toothsome
* Totally Toothful
* Trevor and the Tooth Fairy
* Trevor’s Teeth
* Under the Pillow
* Unmatched
* [Unpronounceable Symbol]* What You Wish For
* When Trevor Met Daisy
* Wherefores and Wherefrogs
* Wing It
* Winging It
* Wingman
* Winning Her Wings
* Wishbone
* Wrong Tooth, Right Pillow

A blurb for the story as well as the entire first chapter can be found here on my web site.

YOUR TURN: Bring on the creativity! Anything goes. Use plays on dating quotes or love truisms, words relating to love/dating/magic/etc. Surprise me!


  1. Katie Alender - Reply

    The Tooth About Love

    Eh? Eh?
    *runs away and hides behind coffee table*

    I’m actually the wrong person to ask, as my book doesn’t really have a title.

  2. A Paperback Writer - Reply

    You know, I remember this story from Miss Snark’s crapometer — which says a lot, considering that I read all 700 or whatever of the entries. It’s amazing that I recall this one, but I do. I remember thinking it was pretty funny, and I may have even commented on it.
    (Just so you know, I also did extremely well in the crapometer, eventually tying for 2nd most-liked in her final votes after all the first several pages had been through the crapometer.)

    Let’s see now, for a title.
    Trevor and the Tooth Fairy does sound a little bit like a picture book, so I think you’re right to change it, but I’m struggling with my own lame titles right now.
    Tooth Magic?
    The Tooth Fairy’s Apprentice?
    The Anthropologist’s Tooth Fairy?
    Fossils and Fairies?
    The Night of the Tooth Fairy’s Apprentice?
    Daisy Le Fay, Apprentice Tooth Fairy?
    The Night the Tooth Fairy Earned Her Wings?
    Okay, I’m getting silly here. Sorry.

  3. McKoala - Reply

    Move over Fairy Godmother, here comes the Tooth Fairy

    When the tooth fairy loses her mind to love, who puts the money under the pillows?
    Hm. More like a hook.


    My sweet tooth

    Giving my eyeteeth for love

    I suck at titles. Also, while I think I vaguely remember this from the Crapometer or somewhere, I don’t have a clear picture in my head of what it’s about. But thanks for visiting my blog, and in return I offer these sucky title suggestions…

  4. Kanani - Reply

    Well, what a cool, cool site. And thank you for commenting on mine.

    Often you’ll find you’ve already written the title… it’s just somewhere in your book. Two or three words jammed together that are interesting and truly convey the essence of your book.

    So hunt! Look around! It’s probably right there!

  5. ERiCA - Reply

    Katie: Bwa ha haaa. Even better than Charmed to the Teeth! WTG! =)

    Paperback Writer: I loved Miss Snark’s crapometer! I’m pretty sure I first wandered over to your blog from hers. Thanks for remembering the story, and thanks for brainstorming titles!

    McKoala: LOL, any title suggestions are better than no title suggestions. Thanks for playing!

    Kanani: Interesting idea! I just finished rereading yesterday, but not with that in mind. So as I embark on the revision phase, I’ll try to keep an eye open for potential titleage. Thanks for the tip!

  6. MerylF - Reply

    Erm…Tooth and Bone? Not the right pillow? A Handful of Glitter? One Fae too many?

  7. de_scribes - Reply

    Your book sounds like lots of fun!

    Hmm . . .DIGS FANGS AND FEY? Ack. Maybe not.

  8. ERiCA - Reply

    De_Scribes: LOL, and thanks!

    Meryl: Hey, great start! Your ideas gave me an idea… “The Wrong Pillow”? (Technically, he didn’t even have a pillow b/c he was camping in a tent, but I love your train of thought!)

  9. MerylF - Reply

    No pillow? How about “Strange hands in my sleeping bag”. Too risque? 😉

  10. B.E. Sanderson - Reply

    How about No Pillow Needed?
    Daisy and the Digger?

    LOL, I love ‘The Tooth About Love’, but I have a punny sense of humor today. In that vein, how about…
    Diggin’ for the Tooth?
    Fight for Tooth?
    A Brush with Love?
    The Drill and the Floss?

    And I’m spent.

  11. Karen Lingefelt - Reply

    For TMFKATATTF, why not use your web design skills to create an unpronounceable symbol that will be the new title?

    I’m thinking you could incorporate a tooth, I’m thinking fairy wings, I’m thinking . . . that I shouldn’t make blog posts before I’ve had my morning coffee.

  12. Anne Bradshaw - Reply

    I love dabbling with titles, even if they don’t turn out right and my tongue is in cheek most of the time 🙂

    How about using “pixie,” as in your book blurb, instead of “fairy”?

    Pixie Dig
    Dig that Pixie

  13. ERiCA - Reply

    Meryl: OMG. =)

    B.E.: Yay for brainstorming! I have a punny sense of humor, too. (And a dirty mind… you seriously don’t want to know the first round I came up with. *g)

    Karen: A stupendous idea! Then, when somebody says, “What book do you suggest?” nobody will be able to answer verbally, so they’ll be forced to simply shove a copy of the book into the asker’s outstretched hand… Yes, yes, I like it!

    Anne: LOL, my tongue is in my cheek a lot, too. Thanks for helping brainstorm!!

  14. alternatefish - Reply

    in the vein of the unpronounceable symbol…

    How about “the book formerly known as TMFKATATTF.”

    I know, I’m superbrilliant this morning.

    also I’m really bad at titles, so this might be the best we get out of me. pathetic, huh?

  15. lacey kaye - Reply

    You already got my title help, and I notice they’re posted nowhere on this site…. 🙂

  16. Bill Clark - Reply

    Sorry I’m a bit late to the party today…I stayed up all night brainstorming for new titles. 🙂

    OK, here goes. *Bill clears throat*

    Sex and the Single Fairy
    Earning Her Wings
    Winning Her Wings
    Pinning Her Wings
    When Trevor Met Daisy
    How Trevor Met Daisy
    Between Two Worlds
    Miss Snark and the Tooth Fairy
    The Prof and the Peri
    Spreading Her Wings
    How Trevor Won Tenure
    Tooth Fairy Tales
    The Truth About the Tooth Fairy
    Tenure Through Teeth
    [Of] Teeth and Tenure
    [Of] Teeth and True Love
    The Tooth Shall Set You Free
    Trevor’s Teeth
    Daisy’s Teeth
    Daisy and Trevor’s Teeth
    In the Teeth of Love
    The Teeth of Love
    A Toothsome Tale

    *Bill decides he would have been better off getting a good night’s sleep*

  17. Bill Clark - Reply

    Good Karma Tuesday Update + two more suggestions

    First off, felictations to the US Postal “Service” as their spindly-shanked horse finally galloped into town today, bearing a gift parcel from Miss Erica postmarked on August 8. First Class mail that takes 6 days?! Must be some kind of record – and not the good kind!

    Anyhoo, within said parcel was a *fabulous* hand-made birthday card showing young versions of Bill and Erica playing “Pin the tail on Pegasus” – how cool is that??

    *Bill foresees all kinds of parlor games (or perhaps other rooms?) based on the wildfire success of TMFKATATTF*

    Included were some genuine Costa Rican macademia nuts…hmmm…Bill ponders the message here, remembering Hamlet’s words to Ophelia – “sweets to the sweet” – and wondering if Erica is saying “nuts to the…” – no, surely not! 😉

    OK, two more stabs at a title:

    Through the Eyeteeth of Love
    The Eyeteeth of Love

    Dang! This title business isn’t easy!

    BTW, someone named Andre Bernard published a book about a dozen years ago called “Now All We Need is a Title”. Sound familiar?

    His subtitle was, “Famous book titles and how they got that way”. I guess if he does an updated edition in the next year or so, he can add the story of TMFKATATTF!

    Thanks for the great gifts, Erica! You are the best!!

  18. ERiCA - Reply

    their spindly-shanked horse finally galloped into town

    This killed me!!!

  19. Jacqueline Barbour - Reply

    Well, while The Tooth About Love is pretty hilarious, my vote is for Toothsome. I think it’s really, really good. (Anyone remember the Kirstie Alley movie in which she played a dentist sentenced in the after life to be the Tooth Fairy? It was called _Toothless_. I think Toothsome is ten times better :).)

  20. Vicki - Reply

    Lot’s of suggestions, wow. Sex and The Toothfairy is one of my fav’s. 🙂

    I’ll add to it though just for fun.

    Digging For Love
    Saving Apprentice Daisy
    Daisy Undercovers

  21. India Carolina - Reply

    Hi Erica! Congrats again on finding representation!

    During FanLit, I finaled in the first round and then couldn’t quite make it into the finals again. Before round 5 I made a joking bet with Yorkie Lover that if I put the word “sex” in my title, that would propel me back into the finals. Continuing the joke, I titled my entry: Sex and the Married Girl (a take off on an old Natalie Wood movie title – Sex and the Single Girl). And in fact…that entry made its way into the finals!

    So my suggestion is to use Sex and the Single Tooth Fairy or Sex and the Single Pixie (the word Fairy without tooth might lead you astray). Whatever you decide, can’t wait to read it!

  22. Thomma Lyn - Reply

    Hi, Erica! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog about whether to do Sweat or NaNo — it would indeed be possible to do both, and you’ve given me lots of good food for thought! Certainly my NaNo novel word count could count for Sven as well, since he’s more loosey-goosey — all he cares about is word count! 🙂

    Hmmm, titles. How ’bout Fairy Carpet Ride? 😀

  23. Mary Witzl - Reply

    I’ve tried and tried, but all I can come up with is Tooth Lover.

    I think The Tooth About Love and Daisy Undercovers are superb!

  24. B.E. Sanderson - Reply

    Tooth be Told
    The Tooth about Fairies
    Totally Toothful
    Toothfully Trevor’s
    Molar Express
    The Cap and the Crown
    To Tell the Tooth
    (umm, I almost went into the x-rated… I can see how it could be easy to do.)

    Then again, if it was going to be a series:
    Tell the Tooth
    The Whole Tooth &
    Nothin’ but the Tooth


  25. ERiCA - Reply

    Jacq: I must’ve missed that Kirstie Alley movie. (Technically, I missed most of Kirstie Alley’s movies. I think the only one I ever saw was LWT. Hmm)

    Vicki, Amy, Thomma, Mary, B.E.: Great suggestions!

    Anti-Wife: LOL!!!

    Heather: You know what? I totally didn’t specify, did I! Send me your address and I will send you a prize!! =)

  26. Diana Peterfreund - Reply

    I actually like THE WRONG PILLOW quite a bit.

    Sounds very sexy to me, and the artwork could convey the paranormal aspects really well… (cf. Gena Showalter’s “The Pleasure Slave” or “The Darkest Night.”)

  27. Tessa Dare - Reply

    Oh, I love titling!

    More pillow possibilities:
    The Pillow Case
    Pillow Slip
    Pillow Sham
    Pillow Talk with a Pixie

    More silliness:
    Sweet Tooth
    Brace Yourself
    Tooth and Nail

    I’ll keep thinking on it…

  28. worderella - Reply

    Can I just vote for my favorite title? Because I love “Brace Yourself.” I laughed out loud when I read it.

  29. Isabel - Reply

    Ok, I finally made it!
    Here are mine:

    Sexy Daisy

    Daisy In Love

    Digging On You

    The Sexy Pixie

    Charming The Tooth Fairy

    Fairy in Lov

    To Daisy With Love

    To The Fairy With Love

    A Chance for Magic

    Magical and True

    The Practical Fairy

    A Pixie For Trevor

    Wing It

    The Trouble With The Toothfairy

    The Trouble With Trevor

    Pixie Trouble

  30. Michele - Reply

    I found you through your comment on my LJ. I love your HH Crapometer story. My own entry didn’t fare well.

    My title suggestion:

    Fighting tooth fairy and nail

  31. ERiCA - Reply

    Stephen: LOL. Added it to the list!

    Maggie: Good one!!

    Diana: Hey, thanks! I never would’ve thought of it without Meryl’s initial suggestion. It’s on the list of potentials!

    Tessa: Wow, way to brainstorm! Thanks!!

    Worderella: LOL. Several of the suggestions cracked me up. Brainstorming with everyone has been so fun!

    Isabel: Ooh, lots of suggestions! Thanks!!

    Michele: Aw, sorry your entry didn’t fare well. Hope the feedback was helpful, though. Thanks for the title idea! =)

  32. Darcy Burke - Reply

    Still love Love and the Single Fairy. Other ideas:

    What You Wish For
    Love and Wishes (not great for this story though)
    Opposites Attract
    As You Wish (love that movie)

    Still mulling…

  33. Bill Clark - Reply

    Morning, all!

    I tried to get onto blogger from my dial-up at home last night and failed miserably – sigh. So I emailed Erica instead, which (wonder of wonders) my old soccer-ball iMac running OS 9.2 grudgingly allowed me to do. (Time for a new computer, no?)

    Anyhow, here’s Bill’s latest:

    My Fair Fairy

    (Think Rex Harrison!)

    (Think Broadway musical!!)

    (Think the Chorus of the Dancing Trolls!!!)

    Among the sure-to-be hit songs:

    “Someday my wings will come”

    “Get me to the dig on time”

    “In the tent where you live”

  34. Katrina Stonoff - Reply

    How about Gimme That Tooth, Handsome!

    Doesn’t exactly imply paranormal, but I’m still thinking.

  35. ERiCA - Reply

    Bill and Tessa: Thanks for all your great additions! Nice!

    Darc: I even put a few of our chat-titles up… Bwa

    Katrina: Yay, thanks for your suggestions! I added Wrong Tooth, Right Pillow to the list, too, as a takeoff of yours. =)

  36. Katrina Stonoff - Reply

    Erica, that’s even better! I love Wrong Tooth, Right Pillow!

  37. Ann Aguirre - Reply

    As it’s Sunday, and I’ve just gotten back from vacation, I’m far too lazy to add my own, but I’ll ID my favorites.

    * All’s Fairy in Love
    * Brace Yourself
    * Charmed to the Teeth
    * Digging On You
    * Digs Fangs and Fey
    * Earning Her Wings
    * Fairy Tail
    * Fairy Thee Well
    * Focus Pocus
    * Like Magic
    * Must Love Magic
    * Tooth or Dare
    * Winging It
    * Winning Her Wings
    * Wrong Tooth, Right Pillow

    I like puns in titles. Sadly, editors never seem to agree with me. I recommend you pick the one you like best, and have your agent pitch under that title, but save a list of at least ten favorites for the inevitable moment when the editorial staff says, “We love the book, but we’re not so sure about the title, can you come up with some alternatives?”

    I scrambled because I wasn’t ready to go with alternates. This way, you’ll be ahead of the jump, and will increase the chances that the publishing staff will actually use one of your titles instead of going to marketing for something you secretly think sucks.

    Not that this would ever happen. You know, this is purely hypothetical strategizing. And stuff.

  38. ERiCA - Reply

    LOL. Thanks Annie! (Dang it. I have to stop thinking of you as Annie!)

    My plan is to keep the brainstorming open-ended until I’m done with the revision and then do exactly like you suggest: pick one, but have a handful of alternates ready for backup.

    The suggestions have been amazing so far!!

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