WRITER LIFE: Cheap Marketing

Today I read an article about cheap marketing by Tracy Cooper Posey.

One thing she suggests that I hadn’t heard before is a new take on an old theme. Any web marketing professional will tell you to provide useful web content if you want return visitors to your web site. Some authors even suggest tying the content in to your story—deleted (or new) scenes, etc. Posey suggests providing real-world information related to your story. If your hero is a pulmonary surgeon, consider having a page devoted to the warning signs of lung cancer and links to reputable web sites with further information.

In a similar vein, she suggests joining a related email list (Pulmonary Surgeons of Rabbitania or whatever) and including your web site URL in your signature line. Since you have related information on your web site, they will find your web content compelling. And since they’re on your web site, they’ll mosey on over to your book blurb, and they’ll think to themselves, “Hmm, a book about Biff Baxter, the esteemed pulmonary surgeon and Chicago Bears fan… interesting,” and then they’ll find themselves interested in your stories.

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Erica Ridley