UPDATE: Lord of Temptation (Rogues to Riches)

To those of you waiting to read Lord of Temptation:

Unfortunately, the last few months have been incredibly rocky with back-to-back unexpected incidents, and the production schedule has been thrown off course.

I am very eager for release day and I want you to adore Faith and Hawkridge journey to love as much as I do.

In order to give you the very best book I can write, the release date for Lord of Temptation has been postponed.

Due to having to reschedule the editor as well as all the other elements of publishing, the launch date was unfortunately pushed a few months back.

If the stars align to allow production to move faster than expected, I will absolutely get this romance into your hands as quickly as humanly possible.





  1. Susan A. - Reply

    So I just got a notice today that Amazon cancelled my pre-order and now I don’t see it this as available for pre-order there for the new publish date. I see its available for pre-order on other digital options just boot amazon.? do you know if this will be available again in amazon?

  2. Michelle Jenkins - Reply

    O I believe that if it’s as good as all the rest of your books, then it is well worth the wait

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