Costa Rica: Just For Fun

This week, I am in Dallas, Texas for the National RWA Conference. If you’d like real-time updates on the writing conference, please check out the Manuscript Mavens blog, where all four of us will be posting updates all week, throughout the day, to share our thoughts, impressions, and ah-ha moments with you.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing a few of my Costa Rica photos with you here on this blog. (Link: my Costa Rica Thursday Thirteen post)

Today’s Costa Rica photo theme is: JUST FOR FUN.

Here’s me out caving in Venado. I had several pictures taken of me–unfortunately, they all came out super-blurry. This one is the least blurry. Fetching boot-mask-hat look, no?

The photos *I* took of the cave are beauteous, of course. *g

I went ziplining through the rain forest canopy a couple times. Here’s me heading off into the tree tops, right-side-up…

And here’s me, upside-down. Yep, flew across the cable line that way–you gotta try it! So fun!!! (If you’re nervous, no fear: You can zip line by yourself if you go right side up, but local guides accompany you for any tricks that require you to not be able to use your hands as brakes.)

Here’s me doing some sort of superman “flying” maneuver on the zip line. No comments from the peanut gallery as to the suggestive nature of the guide’s body position in relation to mine.

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