Costa Rica: Days 5&6

Sorry, didn’t have Internet yesterday. Did manage to read more of various CP excerpts which were already downloaded onto my laptop (yay!) and that was fun.

I brought one of my older stories with me thinking I was going to have time to do some revision.

Wrong again.

Every moment has been packed with something, mostly computer stuff and translation stuff.

BUT, I did manage to go hiking yesterday and horseback riding day before yesterday!

On my hike through the forest, I ran into some cows. Technically, they ran into me.

And sniffed my hair. And licked me.

Your turn. I’d love to know your experiences with squeezing in writing time while not at home and/or your adventures with bumping into animals in the wild.


  1. lacey kaye - Reply

    Yesterday I was cleaning out my storage closet and a spider got into my car. Does that count? (I got it out…)

  2. Ericka Scott - Reply

    We have a mouse in the garage. . .spent a lot of time setting out traps the other day. Not nearly as fun as being sniffed by a cow!

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