Costa Rica: Day 3

I am snatching a few moments online to check in with all of you. I don’t have yesterday’s photos downloaded yet but I will give you some from the day before while I fill you in on yesterday’s activities.

We went to a fiesta in a city just this side of the Nicaraguan border. (We could see Nicaragua across the water.)

It drizzled throughout, but that didn’t stop the party. There were lots of people riding show horses, making them do tricks and dance. At another part, a little girl (maybe age 7) sat on a show horse with a cordless mic and sang… All I can say is WOW. Best set of pipes I ever heard. (Not sure if Blogger can post video or not, but I took a maybe 5 second clip with my digital camera, and I’ll upload it if possible.)

A few blocks away, a magician performed on a stage. His first tricks were with sheets of newspaper (and even less impressive than it sounds) but he progressed to rope tricks (which were cool) and disappearing/reappearing egg tricks. His finale was to shove the newspaper in a metal pot, set fire to it, slap the lid on top, and then lift the lid to reveal—a rabbit! (clarification: a small, shaking, scared sh*tless, bunny rabbit)

Next we visited a two-story bullring. The ground floor was the big dirt circle where the bulls ran, and the top floor was a discoteca. We danced a little and then slunk back to the wall when the music changed from general (hispanic) dance music to salsa. I have little-to-no salsa skills (I can follow someone’s lead, and that’s about it) but the locals were amazing. After we overcame our salsa-envy, we peeked over the side rails at the bulls penned below. (We didn’t end up staying for a bull fight.)
Your turn: How was your weekend? Did it rain for you, too? What was the funniest (or weirdest) thing that happened?

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