TOO WICKED TO KISS: Limited Edition!

I have just discovered that Too Wicked To Kiss is OUT OF STOCK! (For now, anyway!)

What this means is that the copies you can grab at your local bookstore or online are the only copies left in the wooorrrrlllld!

UNLESS… you happen to be on the mailing list, because even after all the shiny new first editions are gone from the stores, I will continue giving away the dozen or so copies I have in my personal collection until I run out, too!

Don’t wait… sign up now!!! =)


  1. JoAnne Kenrick - Reply

    Holy moly! That’s fantastic…for you! Not so good for readers atm. LOL
    But wow, super congrats! It’s a fantastic book, not surprised people are speed buying this baby up.
    Hey, this means I have a signed first edition! WOOT 🙂 I feel all special now, like i have something very precious!

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