Spoiler Thread: Too Wicked To Kiss

This is the official spoiler thread for the early readers who joined the 30 Wicked Kisses countdown! Feel free to post questions, reactions, guesses as to the murderer’s identity (or the circumstances of the hero and heroine’s first kiss!) or anything else that strikes your fancy. Erica will drop in to comment and answer questions!

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  1. Beverly G - Reply

    So far i havent a real clue who the murderer is and such but i cant wait to find out on pins and needles till march second

  2. Heather N - Reply

    Great job setting up the scene I like the great scary vibe reminded me a little of BS’s Dracula…

  3. Carol Luciano - Reply

    The set up scene is very enticing and pulled me right in. Looking forward to reading the next. Thank you Erica.
    Carol L.

  4. Carol Luciano - Reply

    It’s getting better and more intriguing by the sentence. 🙂
    I don’t know if I should feel sorry for Lioncroft yet. Poor Evangeline.
    Carol L.

  5. Carol Luciano - Reply

    After reading the third installment I still haven’t a clue but the mystery has me and I look forward to the other installments.
    Carol L.

  6. Kay Coombs - Reply

    This is great Erica….descriptive – the characters
    and setting are well formed in our minds eye and a
    sense of impending intrigue created by these two
    conspiring females and the shortly to be introduced
    wealthy recluse. Shall read on. Kay in Aus.

  7. Beverly G - Reply

    man everyday it gets better and better im ,loven these ty for haven sucha awesome contest and experiance

  8. ERiCA - Reply

    Just sent out today’s scene, wherein Evangeline gets to meet her reluctant host… Hope you enjoy!!

  9. Beverly G - Reply

    I agree now im more and more courious Erica u seriously made this book one to remember and i a and havent even read the whole thing yet

  10. Carol Luciano - Reply

    Meeting Gavin has caused Evangeline some problems. 🙂 I’m more interested now to see what happens. As for who the killer is, nothing yet but feel it isn’t Gavin.
    Carol L.

  11. Carol Luciano - Reply

    Well after reading the fifth installment , a little late due to PC problems. I think Gavin wants his sister to think he’s a killer and he is hurt deep inside that his siblings
    haven’t forgiven him and blame him. Then again ,just maybe he is the killer. I’m still catching up.
    Carol L.

  12. Carol Luciano - Reply

    After reading the sixth installment I see Evangeline is
    psychic. So maybe she’ll know if Gavin is the killer or
    not ? This is getting better and better by the installment 🙂
    Carol L.

  13. Beverly G - Reply

    im not sure how if eel about the stanton women justyet tho i do think they will become
    Foes not friends in the pages to come

  14. Beverly G - Reply

    I do how ever agree with Carol it is getting better and better cant wait to read this book

  15. April Morelock - Reply

    Dang, I’m already in love with Lioncroft and panting to find out what happens next with Evangeline. He’s sexy and the tension already has me on edge. Hmm, is Evangeline part gypsy and psychic; dark coloring and the headcache????

    AWWW… Im’ dying here.

    I think Susan is going to be a hoot – I like her despite the rather strangeness of the chit. Mrs. Stanton needs to be abducted by a madman and made to suffer.

    When do I get paid next, because I want…


  16. Margarita - Reply

    I’m really looking forward to my snippet each day!

    In my head, Susan is a very Buffy Summers character -super powers + glasses. (I know I’m a superdork for even comparing.) She’s probably smart and troublesome, but like to play the part of the silly girl. She could really go either way as far as the friend/enemy thing. She’s probably a frenemy. 🙂

  17. Pam Cloud - Reply

    I am thinking Susan wants to make herself a friend, but only because that would
    ‘keep’ her away from Mommy Dearest…not sure she is really into the scheme of getting
    her man. Love getting my snippets each day. Really looking forward to the next.
    Love the great read to this 🙂

  18. Carrie - Reply

    Love, love , love each installment!! I am not too sure of Miss Susan…maybe foe, maybe friend…leaning towards foe. because She just seems into herself and getting away from her mom. Can’t wait to read on!!

  19. Beverly G - Reply

    I Think susan should tell her mother she needs a new life and go on about it as for what she found id say she found another person she stopped because she felt like she was snooping instead of looking for the dining room not sure about the mittons and such only time will tell

  20. Carol Luciano - Reply

    I think Susan has had to be affected just by living with her crazy mother. 🙂 And she’d do just about anything to avoid a lifetime with mommie as she stated.I’m liking Lioncroft more and more. Why do we love those heroes who may very well be killers. lol I belive she could appear friendly but she’s still har Mother’s daughter.
    Carol L.

  21. Carol Luciano - Reply

    I think Evangeline stopped because she sensed a presence that scared her.I’m not sure about the mittens yet except that she felt close to her Mother wearing them .
    If I had a mother like Mrs. Stanton I’d sure find a way to earn my own living in a hurry. ll
    Carol L.

  22. ERiCA - Reply

    @Kay: Thank you!! I hope you enjoy the all the trouble I have in store for poor Evangeline! 😉

    @Beverly: True, they’re definitely looking out for themselves rather than Evangeline!

    @April: Yay! So glad you’re loving Lioncroft already!!!

    @Margarita: LOL, I love the Buffy comparison! You nailed it when you said frenemy! =)

    @Pam: You’re right–she’d do just about anything to get away from Mum!

    @Carrie: Yay, thank you!!! And true, at this point Susan is very much into herself (and getting out from under her mama’s thumb!)

    @Carol: Hahaha, true. Perhaps he’s a *reformed* killer, LOL.

  23. Carol Luciano - Reply

    First I’d like to say congrats to Beverly on winning the book.
    I sure hope Gavin starts to defend himself but I think hhe’s only be interested in defending himself to Evangeline. He could care less what the other guests think of him.I think her husband slapped her or punched her. I’ll wait for the next installment to come. 🙂
    Carol L.

  24. Carol Luciano - Reply

    In this 11th day I find I wanted Gavin to leap across the table and smash his brother-in-law in the mouth.lol Sorry, it sure is aggravating when an abuser has the nerve to smirk afterwardds
    But I think Gavin will get him, alone. I am loving this story so far.Thanks Erica
    Carol L.

  25. Josie - Reply

    I think that when Gavin goes to confront his brother-in-law, he finds him dead. Then the others assumes it was Gavin, when it wasn’t.

  26. April Morelock - Reply

    I hope Gavin beats the holy crap out of Heatherington (oohhh… will he be the one murdered? Is it bad that I’m hoping he’ll get it.)

    And who said you could do this whole 30 for 30 days – I went to the bookstore, begging for a copy of this and no… NOWHERE to be seen. Erica, you will pay dearly in fanmail, blog posts, and tweeting ;>

    LOL. NO, this is actually a great idea. I’m loving these excerpts. I just can’t wait for it to come out.


  27. Carrie - Reply

    I am ready for Gavin to go beat the crap out of his sister’s husband…please tell me it WILL happen!! I think that Rose cares for her brother and probably likes the fact that he wants to protect her, but at the same time doesn’t want him to “kill” for her. So, I am thinking that your “installments” need to be a little bit longer….so I have more to read NOW!!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s read…. : )

  28. Angelique - Reply

    Agreed! Please let Lioncroft beat his sister’s husband! Or maybe the sister will up and kill the husband! That would be great too. I want to read more! The suspense is driving me nuts.

  29. Janice - Reply

    I’m really enjoying my 30 Days of Too Wicked To Kiss. I’m a couple of days behind but am catching up. I like the way everything is progressing and how you leave us very subtle hints/clues about everyone’s backstory.. It’s just enough to keep us guessing. Now I’m off to read the rest!

  30. Angelique - Reply

    I find Evangeline’s gift fascinating! I don’t know how she grins and bears the migraine though. I’ve migraines my entire life and they are NOT fun. I’m surprised she doesn’t get sick from the pain, especially since they don’t have Excedrin Migraine! 🙂

  31. Heather N - Reply

    Looking forward to reading the next “spoiler”… cant wait till Gavin looses it and beats the crap out of that looser brother in law…..or (maybe I am just projecting -s-)

  32. April Morelock - Reply

    Delicious tension between Gavin and Evangeline. I hope he finds her while she’s wondering the halls.

    Or maybe she’ll find Rose’ husband battered, bruised and dying. Excellent notion!


    Now I can’t wait to get my copy :>

  33. ERiCA - Reply

    Those of you who’ve been dying for a Hetherington vs Lioncroft showdown, what are your thoughts on the initial confrontation? Do you think Hetherington’s got more coming? 😉

  34. Lupe - Reply

    She’s in his BEDROOM?!!?? Love it!! RAWR… he needs to thoroughly compromise her!! Don’t spare us the details!

  35. Angelique - Reply

    Oh geez…just finished reading today’s teaser. *whew* [fans self] That was hot. I so wish I could keep reading, instead I must now get to work. 🙁 Can’t wait for the book!

  36. Bridget - Reply

    I don’t think Lioncroft killed anyone. but it will be interesting to find out who the killer is.

  37. Amber E. - Reply

    No I don’t think Lioncroft has killed anyone, but something has just happened. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  38. Liza Quisisem - Reply

    Well Erica, you know my thoughts on your last episode, but I will reiterate that I believe one of the
    male guests killed Hetherington and wanted to frame Lioncroft. Nobody would believe Rose killed her own
    husband, so the logical killer would be Lioncroft. As for if Hetherington deserved to be killed, who
    knows what a male member of the ton is up to.

  39. April Morelock - Reply

    Oooohhhh All, guess what I now hold in my grubby little hands!!!! Ha HA!!!!

    I have a copy of Erica’s Too Wicked Too Kiss, oh my my my, ladies. You are gonna want a copy of this.

    THANK YOU Erica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Liza Quisisem - Reply

    I still don’t know who the killer is, but I’m not surprised that Evangeline is so calm about everything.
    I believe she has learned to be very logical and not react hysterically to everything. I believe Rose
    “told” her exactly what she said. She found her husband in bed and slapped him to get his attention
    not realizing he was already dead.

    I believe the guests do not want the constables to come because they have something to hide. I believe
    Rutherford does deserve to be taught a lesson, but Lioncroft is sick and tired of all the violence that
    has already happened.

  41. ERiCA - Reply

    Lupe: RAWR back atcha! Did you like their first kiss??

    Angelique: Yay! Those two are definitely two steps away from bursting into flames!

    Liza: You’re right, all the guests are more than a little shady… and like you said, at least one of them is perfectly happy framing Lioncroft for murder!

    April: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope you love it!!!

  42. Liza Quisisem - Reply

    I think Lioncroft is sick and tired of being thought a murderer. That is why he was so vocal about
    arguing with Hetherington about hitting Rose but very honest that he DID NOT kill him! I don’t think
    Lady Stanton was ever Evangeline’s ally. She would much rather discredit Evangeline to everybody’s eyes
    because I suspect that she realizes that Lioncroft is much more attracted to Evangeline to Susan.

  43. Liza Quisisem - Reply

    I believe Evangeline was merely psyching herself to touch Hetherington because she knows that she will
    probably find out exactly how he was killed. Poor girl. She knows it will be dreadful, but she knows
    that it has to be done!

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