Spoiler Thread: Too Sinful To Deny

This is the official spoiler thread for the early readers who join the 30 Delicious Sins countdown!

Feel free to post questions, reactions, guesses as to what dark secrets will be revealed (or the circumstances of the hero and heroine’s first kiss!) or anything else that strikes your fancy. Erica will drop in to comment and answer questions!

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  1. Lori Ann Myers-Linguist - Reply

    OMG! Can’t wait for the next installment. Throughly enjoyed this episode. Especially all the detail.
    The pacing was great. Hurry up tomorrow!

  2. vijaiksharma - Reply

    A good opening episode by the writer. I enjoyed it very much. Beginning is not lucky for Susan due to the problems faced. but Susan has a positive attitude in life and so luck will smile on her soon. She is prepared for whatever future awaits her.

  3. donna ann - Reply

    thanks for the teasers, but it only makes me more impatient to be able read
    whole book 😉 I won’t complain to loudly though as somethings better than
    nothing 😉

    Quite the place Susan’s managed to get herself into.

  4. vijaiksharma - Reply

    I have read the episode two with interest. Naturally such a situation calls for cautiion to prevent unexpected things from happening. But not too much of caution anyway. It involves taking the things in stride and facing the events when actually happening, instead of being fearful of the things to come.

  5. donna ann - Reply

    locked in a cold dreary room w/ an unravelling woman by a creepy butler &
    giant of a host — getting interesting

  6. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Having read episode three, I find tat Susan is in for surprises, suspecting persons and situations one after another. It goes to her credit that she has faced such situations satisfactorily so far. It is a nicely described episode, forcing the reader to expect the next one sooner.

  7. dknybutinva - Reply

    Enjoying the sneak peaks. Things are getting interesting indeed 🙂

  8. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Episode four gives details of an interesting conversation between two persons during a session of drinks and Sometimes it turns to the lady guest, who is staying upstairs and for whom it is said that “Hope she knows enough to lock her door.” Interesting to know what is in store in the next episode.

  9. dknybutinva - Reply

    thanks for the latest installment. Things just keep getting more interesting —
    murder & revenge.

  10. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Now in episode five, it is the turn of Evan to be in the limelight, to face some difficult and unpleasant situations. Well written episode. What happens next?

  11. donna ann - Reply

    “Was it terrible of her to hope this unfortunate creature wasn’t among the living?”

    never a good sign — love it 😉

  12. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Susan thinks that Moonseed Manor is haunted, wants to leave, writes a letter, then writes a fresh note asking for money but then a horrible figure enters inside. Who is he and what happens next?

  13. donna ann - Reply

    normally I’d say it’s bad form to eavesdrop, but in Susan’s case it may be a
    very smart move this time. Particularly when the help seems to be secretive
    & “dead” is yelled angerly.

  14. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Susan finds the horrible figure to be that of the maid. Susan wants to go out but she is unable to find a safe and clear way out. She overhears some male voices. Apparently she may be scared. Let us see what happens next!

  15. donna ann - Reply

    always a good idea to follow the mysterious but handsome & charming man with
    possible homicidal urges 😉

    looking forward to where that will lead (in so many ways) 🙂

  16. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Faced with the news of one murder, Susan wants to run away, but instead faces would-be murderer. but she decides to follow him. Fearful situation being faced boldly. Great! Interesting to learn about her observations during this follow up.

  17. dknybutinva - Reply

    Enjoying the episodes. Evan certainly is aware of his surroundings, just hope the only falling Susan
    does is for him 🙂

  18. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Susan follows him, inspite of the dangers involved, sees him and considers the dangers involved in turning back. It is turning to be much more interesting.

  19. dknybutinva - Reply

    I think I might like Evan 😉 smiles at scowls & freely agrees
    about being a scoundrel — yep think I’m gonna like him 😉
    Susan best watch out.

  20. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Both Evan and Susan are considering various options to get away. What happens next is important for future events. We have to keep our fingers crossed.

  21. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Susan has a fall, slides down, but Evan stops and holds her in his arms and when she is released as per her wish, she appears to slide down. In spite of seemingly bad intentions, Evan does no harm to Susan upto her, but let us see what is in store for her in the next episode.

  22. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Susan wants to go with Evan, but he threatens her of serious consequences and walks down the beach. It will be interesting to know whether Susan follows him or goes to Moonseed manor.

  23. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Susan turns back and is unhappy with the encounter with Evan. She wants to return home, comes across another man, but he vanishes like a ghost and poor Susan is left alone to fend for herself. What will be her next move and whom will she face next?

  24. donna ann - Reply

    Poor Susan just isn’t having a good morning 🙂 looking forward to more mayhem

  25. vijaiksharma - Reply

    In episode 14, Evan searches the ship, but does not find anybody. Then he comes to a bar, where Sully asks him him about whiskey, but he has his own. What happens next is a big question mark. May be he gets in some sort of trouble soon.

  26. Izzy - Reply

    I loved her 1st book about Gavin, she is a good writer, i love comedey/murder mystery in books

  27. dknybutinva - Reply

    Evan best watch out, his gentlemanly nature is peaking out in spite of himself 😉

  28. vijaiksharma - Reply

    In episode 15, being taken to Evan’s house, appears to be for more adventurous events, probably bad thing in a good way.

  29. vijaiksharma - Reply

    As per episode 16, Susan is carried to an elegant house, where Evan talks of entertaining. But there is fear of killing of both persons. IYCAN wish that the things happen for better.

  30. vijaiksharma - Reply

    After her rescue and subsequent conversation, things do not appear to be hospitable for her, hence she should go, as early as possible.

  31. dknybutinva - Reply

    hasn’t anyone told Susan about the cat & courosity effect? If she’s not careful,
    she’ll not be haunted but haunting 😉

  32. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Susan wants to go, but she finds it difficult not to get involved in the chat.

  33. vijaiksharma - Reply

    In episode 19, Susan can’t control gossiping with Evan. But she should be on her own and find a place for her ASAP.

  34. vijaiksharma - Reply

    In episode 20, things appear to be going from bad to worse for Susan. She does not know how to save herself. She enters a dress shop for better or worse. Yet to be seen.

  35. vijaiksharma - Reply

    Episode 22 narrates her experience of meeting, trying to make friends and inability to know the route of returning back. Susan has to be on her own. Self help is the best help.

  36. vijaiksharma - Reply

    In episode 21, Susan has dangers both outside as well as inside herself. Things are damn bad for her. But i feel that she can get over all this on her own.

  37. vijaiksharma - Reply

    As per events narrated in episode 23, I think that the intuition of Susan helped her to do the right thing and she is near success.

  38. dknybutinva - Reply

    things do just keep getting “more interesting” Poor Mr Grey & Susan do have a bit of a conflict of
    interest don’t they 😉

  39. vijaiksharma - Reply

    There have been problems galore for Susan so far and so also in episode 24. She has a strange request. But experience counts a lot. So there is hope for Susan.

  40. vijaiksharma - Reply

    In episode 25, Bothwick kisses Susan against her wishes. So she should express her displeasure strongly and chart her own path for return. But can she do it?

  41. vijaiksharma - Reply

    In episode 26, Susan hits him for kissing her. He departs to go, but then Susan wants him to wait. Evan should not wait, but he does. In episode 27, she wants him to walk along side her. She does not know what will happen next and it may take long to know it. As per episode 28, Evan’s brother’s murderer might have fled the town, but his next action should be cautious. As per eposode 29, Evan wants to go. According to episode 30, Susan goes out to find out the trouble likely to be faced by her. On the whole the 30 episodes have created adequate interest in the minds of the readers and the book is likely to be a hit.

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