Series Spotlight: Secrets & Spies by K. C. Bateman @katebateman

Today, I’m thrilled to have K. C. Bateman here on the blog, sharing a completed historical romance series with us!

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A feisty counterfeiter and a cocky British agent clash in this sultry Secrets and Spies novel by K. C. Bateman, whose witty, intelligent, and sexy historical romances have become her signature.

As Sabine de la Tour tosses piles of forged banknotes onto a bonfire in a Paris park, she bids a reluctant farewell to her double life as a notorious criminal. . .

Series Name: Secrets & Spies
Genre: Regency romance
Heat level: One or two love scenes

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author photoTell us something fun about the relationship conflict.

Well, Sabine is a (reluctant) French counterfeiter threatening England’s stability and Richard is an aristocratic English spy, so there’s plenty of conflict between them! Add a sizzling unwanted attraction and forced proximity as they work together to uncover an even greater threat, and sparks begin to fly!

Where do you get your ideas?

Lots of my ideas come from real historical events or people. There are so many fascinating things I uncover in the course of my research. I love playing the ‘what if’ game, and imagining different adventurous scenarios into which I can drop my poor heroes and heroines!

What are your favorite historical romance tropes?

Most of my favorite tropes are included in the Secrets & Spies series! Both ‘To Steal a Heart’ and ‘A Counterfeit Heart’ have ‘enemies to lovers’ tropes and criminal heroines, because I love the inherent potential for lots of snarky banter and simmering unwanted attraction, and ‘A Raven’s Heart’ has the ‘best friend’s little sister’ / forbidden lust aspect, which I love too. I hope readers enjoy them as much as I like writing them!

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Historical Hotties: Do you have a favorite Historical Hero? It can be a real historical figure, or a fictional character. Let me know!

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  1. Theresa K Hurley - Reply

    Usually it’s whichever hero I’m currently reading about.

  2. Suzette Pinnock - Reply

    My favorite is Lord Valentine Windham from Grace Burrowes The Virtuoso.

  3. Dawn Roberto - Reply

    Got to be Jamie from the Outlander series. My first book boyfriend!

  4. Irina - Reply

    That’s definitely not easy…Mr. Darcy is one of them but there are so many amazing historical romances out there, I love Grace Burrowes’ Duke Noah Winters (“Duke’s Disaster”), Angus from Sara Gruen’s “At the Water’s Edge” – and almost every hero from whatever book I happen to read at the moment.

    I love the Secret & Spies series, especially the “Counterfeit Heart”! (And I just realized that I haven’t left a review for it, I guess, it’s time to change that!)

  5. Annette Naish - Reply

    I think I fell in love with each of the heroes in Mary Balogh’s Only series. But, my favorite was George, Duke of Stanbrook. Ms Balogh writes some really kind heroic gentlemen.

  6. Melinda - Reply

    Fictional- I love all Julie Garwoods heroes, like Alec from The Bride and Iain from The Secret. Real hero… Robert the Bruce!

  7. Patricia Schuette - Reply

    I loved The Scarlett Pimpernel and hope there were more real men like him!

  8. Carol Luciano - Reply

    Probably every Highlander I’ve or read. 🙂
    But Outlander’s Jamie Fraser for sure.

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