Scream for Me–At Last!

Karen Rose: SCREAM FOR MEAlex Fallon was the one who lived. Then. Thirteen years later, a shocking phone call sends her back to the place she’d hoped to leave forever, to a little girl who needs more than Alex can give, and a town who swallowed her stepsister whole. As the body count rises, so does Alex’s protective instincts–as well as her attraction and respect for the one man who trusts her gut over small-town rumors.

Special Agent Daniel Vartanian’s brother Simon was a remorseless serial killer. Now Simon is dead. When trophy photos from the atrocities in Simon’s past eerily echo a current crime, Daniel is desperate to find and stop the new threat before more people die. People like sensitive, secretive Alex, whose determination to find a little girl’s missing mother–and inexplicable resemblance to a face in one of Simon’s photos–places her in the killer’s sights.

I love the inter-connectedness of the growing romance and gripping suspense in all of Karen Rose’s writing. I also love having connected characters from previous books come to life in a chilling romance of their own. Not only is Scream For Me a keeper, it’s my favorite Karen Rose yet!

The story is fast-paced, exciting, and tightly plotted. I meant to “just read a little” and ended up awake until 3 a.m. because I had to see what happened next. (And then lay awake afterward unable to get the creepy photos and evocative scenes out of my mind!) A great, great read.


  1. Phyllis J. Towzey - Reply

    I love Karen Rose’s books — can’t wait to read it!

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