Erica Ridley, Kensington Zebra Debut Author

Although I am on an email loop for Kensington Zebra debut authors, it is not a very active loop (maybe because we’re all debut authors, so we’re too busy freaking out and being neurotic to waste time cluttering up a Yahoo group? 🙂 ) I did not have a good handle on who else is/was a debut author for Kensington Zebra.

Sure, I knew a couple folks personally: Kalen Hughes, Delilah Marvelle and Beverley Kendall, for example. But outside of my own personal sphere of acquaintance, who else was out there?

So, I went to The One God Who Rules Them All (aka Google) and typed Kensington Zebra Debut Author into the search box. The first link to come up was the website for Kensington Books. The second link was… MY website!!! Hahahaha! It appears I’m a Kensington Zebra debut author! Good to know!

Eventually, I also found this link to exactly what I needed: a complete list of all Kensington Zebra Debut Authors since the debut program’s inception. My book cover is conspicuously absent… so I’m off to email her a copy now!

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Erica Ridley