Win a Dukes of War Audiobook!

I am SO excited to announce that the talented Stevie Zimmerman has narrated books 5-7 of the Dukes of War romances in audiobook!

Brigadier Edmund Blackpool fights his way home only to discover his intended before the altar with his best friend!

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Captain Blackheart shouldn’t have any trouble keeping his hands off the gently-bred lady he’s commissioned to abduct—except his cargo turns out to be feisty and passionate!

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Miss Katherine Ross is a wealthy, eccentric socialite who knows precisely what she wants: No candlelit tête-à-tête with the insufferable Duke of Ravenwood!

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Have you ever listened to an audiobook? If so, where do you get yours?



  1. Monika Page - Reply

    I have never listened to an audio book before but it sounds like fun. Especially for a long trip which I plan on doing in spring.

  2. Mercedes Prizmonte - Reply

    Listen when I walk,long trips and just relaxing.
    Haven’t tried audio on iBooks

  3. Claire Jones - Reply

    I listen to a lot of audio books, usually from Audible, but sometimes from the library.

  4. Kay Boisselle - Reply

    I do listen to audiobooks and do really like Stevie Zimmerman’ s narrations.

  5. casill - Reply

    ive never used an audio book but have known several who do and i cant wait to try it!! i think it must bring the story to life unlike any other medium can!

  6. Carol Price - Reply

    I have never listened to an audio book but wozld like to try. My neice and nephew are hooked on audio books listening while they work and drive.

  7. Geraldine Pierson - Reply

    I listen to audio books while I exercise. I love them and would love to listen to yours. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  8. Michele Hoeft - Reply

    I love audiobooks, I listen to them while cooking or just plain doing chores. I’ve even listened 28th my Bluetooth while my husband was visiting with a family member in the hospital and even a few times when I couldn’t sleep. Audio books and bluetooths go hand in hand..

  9. Suzann Schonberger - Reply

    I love audiobooks. I’m on the road a lot and listen to books instead of the radio. I get all my books from Audible

  10. Judy Reed - Reply

    I have always gotten mine from Audible…I’ve been a member for 20 years.

  11. Julie Fetter - Reply

    I love audiobooks! We used to borrow them from the libraries (we are blessed to have several within a 15 minute drive). Most recently, we get them from Audible, especially when they are offered at a reduced price when you own the Kindle book version.

  12. Deborah Spier - Reply

    I’ve always wanted to try an audio book but somehow never did. I’d love a chance to win one!

  13. Maryann - Reply

    Yes, I have several audiobooks. Because of my eyesight, I have no choice in the format of my reading matter. I do prefer Amazon’s “Whispersync” technology. It is usually less expensive, so I can buy more books on my limited income. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter this contest for another of your audiobooks.

  14. Jenny Simon - Reply

    I do most of my “reading” with audiobooks I buy from or download from the library. I’m most likely to try a new author if I can get an audiobook.

  15. Janie McGaugh - Reply

    I listen to audio books as often as I can. I get most of mine from Audible or download them from the library.

  16. Kai W. - Reply

    I love listening to audiobooks. I buy both physical audiobooks through Amazon and download from

  17. Margaret Transue - Reply

    I LOVE audio books! I truly enjoyed THE BRIGADIER’S RUNAWAY BRIDE; Stevie Zimmerman did a great job with the narration. My fingers are crossed and I thank you for giving us the chance to win one of your great stories. I download via

  18. Joyce Abrams - Reply

    I used to listen to audiobooks when I did a lot of driving doing field interviews. Sometimes miles of country roads, and no scenery to break the monotony; listening to stories made the trips a lot shorter. I checked mine from the library.

  19. Barb - Reply

    Love audiobooks! (Listening to The Scarlet Pimpernel this week while painting downstairs.). I even read and recorded a book (Freckles) for an invalid cousin. It’s on tapes–so you know it was awhile ago. Need to transfer the reading to CDs. I listen to those while working on stained glass.

    I get my books through an app on my phone, Audiobooks.

  20. Marianne Squire-Maszer - Reply

    I listen every night. I get them from my local library or the library internet services hoopla or overdrive. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck to all.

  21. Debbie Jones - Reply

    I listened to one audio book when I was traveling to and from work. It was an interesting experience, but I like to be alone to read or listen to a book, and not have to pay attention to what’s around me.

  22. Anita - Reply

    I’ve never listened to an audio book, but would love to try one. I knit a lot, and it seems like listening to a book then would be delightful.

  23. Ira - Reply

    Hi, I love audiobooks , especially when I’m on the road or doing household stuff. Usually I buy them on audible. Steve Zimmerman is one of those narrator’s that I really love to listen to. I had several books that I never finished because I couldn’t stand the narration but Steve Zimmerman is one of the few on my “won’t-regret-buying-it-list” .

  24. Virginia Smith - Reply

    I love audiobooks! I listen to them all of the time, especially when I am cooking and getting my chemotherapy. It sure helps me get my mind on something else. When I am given a book, I always stop what I am reading and go to the one I am given. I think it is only fair to listen or read that book so I can do a review ASAP. I always do reviews. Thanks for the chance.

  25. Kelly - Reply

    I LOVE audiobooks. I buy mine from Audible, and I have several. I’ve listened to everything from fantasy to romance to LGBT to erotica, and sometimes combinations (for example erotic romance.)

  26. Renee Myrman Olichwier - Reply

    I love listening to audiobooks!! Especially historical!! There is just something about them!! I listen everyday in the car and when I go on walks with my dog. I also listen when I do housework.

  27. Ramona C. - Reply

    I listen to audiobooks all the time. I love it. I listen to them at home and in my car. I download on my IPod or kindle. I buy mine through I actually have quite a selection.

  28. Kathy K - Reply

    I recently took a loonnnngg road trip with my dog. As he’s not a great conversationalist (it’s like talking to myself…) I listened to some audio books. It worked great to help the trip seem shorter. I got mine at Amazon.

  29. Sharon Sommer - Reply

    I always listen to audiobooks in my car, love them. I get them thru amazon and the library..

  30. Susan R - Reply

    Love audiobooks but wish I knew how to get them more affordably. Free would be awesome! Thanks for the chance.

  31. Kezia King - Reply

    I have listened to a few audiobooks (usually when forces to do household chores. 😉 ) I usually get them from audible or the library.

  32. Ernestine Ranson - Reply

    I love audio books! I get them from Audible, which is part of Amazon.

  33. Linda Townsend - Reply

    Don’t enter me as I’ve already listened to that audio. However, I wanted everyone to know that it was AWESOME! I loved it and gave it 5 stars! I love audios… and get mine from various sources, including but not limited to Audible, AudiobookJukebox,, my library, and more…

  34. Shelby Forbes - Reply

    Of course! I love to listen to them in the car. Makes long trips more manageable.

  35. Deborah Bates - Reply

    I just started listening to audiobooks last July. I get them from Audible, in contests and as gifts from authors (love to get those 🙂 ). As of now, I have 53 audiobooks. One of my favorite narrators is Tristan Hunt. My favorite cozy mystery series (at the moment) is the Lady Justice series by Robert Thornhill and narrated by George Kuch. Of course, your books are among my favorite romances. I don’t have any of your books in audio format yet, although they are all on my wishlist.

  36. Lail Chavez - Reply

    I have purchased one auto book from Amazon and I loved it! I would love to get more so I will be crossing my fingers and hope to be one of your lucky winners!!!

  37. Bonny - Reply

    I LOVE YOUR AUDIO BOOKS. Sorry to scream that but I seriously do. My life has been very difficult for sometime now. I was diagnosed with MS and if that wasn’t bad enough my fiancée decided he couldn’t deal with that and broke off our eight year relationship. Now of coarse he wants me out of his house…. I tell you this all because of this my MS is flaring up. And I cannot focus on reading due to loosing the clarity of my eyes. So I have been listening to Audio books as I look for help finding an apartment I can afford. And trying hard to get help getting things for my apartment since I gave up everything when I moved in with my now ex. And my favorite was yours. Sadly due to all of this I am running low on audio books. I was buying my audiobooks from Audible Amazon. Thank you for this chance to win!

  38. Claire - Reply

    I have only listened to a couple but they are great for lounging round the hotel pool or keeping my mind of the pain of running on a treadmill lol. I have got them from Amazon in the past. Thanks for the chance.

  39. Earlene Gillespie - Reply

    I have listened to an audiobook before. It’s great when you’re in the car going somewhere. It comes in handy on long trips too. Sometimes my hands get tired holding on to a book for a long time. ( I usually read the entire book) I can’t seem to read a little and then put it down, pick it back up then read a little and so forth. LOL I have won a couple of them, and I get them at a stores. Great way to “read” a book.

  40. Kari Angeles - Reply

    No I haven’t. I’d love to try. I’m always on the go.

  41. Billie Marshall - Reply

    I listen to audio books (the thrillers that my husband picks out) on our trip down I-75 from Michigan to Florida. It makes the trip go alot faster. We rent them from Cracker Barrel.

    I would love to listen to a romance audio book without my husband around.

  42. Barbara Rogers - Reply

    I absolutely LOVE audiobooks. I can listen while driving, doing yard work, waiting in lines, walking on the treadmill, etc. My favorite way to get them is on Amazon using the Whispersync. Whispersync gives you both the audio and the written book and it keeps it all sync’d up — so you can listen when you like and read when you like – perfect way to consume your books!

  43. Dana Northover - Reply

    No I have not heard an audio book, well maybe one years ago on cassette tape? Anyway, have been meaning to but just have not gone for it. Love your books, so would love the opportunity to hear 3 of them. Thanks for the Chance!

  44. Jonella Moore - Reply

    I have MS and audiobooks are the primary way I get my reading fix nowadays! I was used to reading 8-10 books a week for the last 50 years, so audiobooks keep me sane! I’d love to listen to one of yours. ?❤?

  45. susan A beamon - Reply

    I listen to audio books whenever I am in my car. I started when I bought my current car in 2006. It had a CD player. I listened to books on my commute to work and home. I get my audio books from the thrift store, E-bay and an occasional win, so I would love to win another one.

  46. Rachael Clemons - Reply

    I love audio books, they are great when I am doing housework or in the car. I get them from audible.

  47. Jenna Mitchell - Reply

    I used to listen to audiobooks a lot when long distance driving (think tape cassette and then CDs!). It would be fun to get into the digital age of audiobooks.

  48. Tina L Cox - Reply

    I haven’t listened to audio books yet. I think It would be nice to listen as I drive to work.

  49. Deborah Marshall (Debs) - Reply

    I am looking forward to listening to audiobooks this spring and summer. I now can listen to books and take walks that my Dr. has suggested. That way I still have my books, and now I will get the exercise I need.

  50. Nancy - Reply

    I haven’t listened to one but have one ready to usher in the Spring.

  51. Val Harder - Reply

    I have been thinking of trying audio books as I have eye problems at present and time reading is strictly limited to checking my emails and at most an hours reading before bed. These seem to be the answer as I love your books and don’t want to stop reading after an hour.

    • Ira - Reply

      Apart from this giveaway – if you use a kindle in combination with audible audio books which you can buy very often for 3 or four Euros when you arleady own the ebook you can easily switch between reading and listening. Perhaps that could help a bit. (I’m very very nearsighted and my worst fear is always not to be able to read anymore one day so… I hope that your eyes will be better soon!)

      • Val Harder - Reply

        Thank you for that information. I have the same fear as you but an operation may help sometime in the future. I am fairly new to all this technology so any help is always appreciated.

        • Ira - Reply

          Personally I use a Kindle paperwhite and love it but I think that the simple Kindle without light (and a bit less comfort as it is no touch display) with its ink display is easier on the eyes. I love that you can just adjust the size of the letters according to your needs as I can read without my contacts or glasses in bed and if I’m tired I just enjoy that it is easier to read and less exhausting.
          Even if you get an ebook for free at the store (there are many for free on the website, I regularly check out the bestseller lists for books for free as I read at least a book a day ) you still get the audio book at a reduced price. I’m not sure about Sony or Tolino readers whether they have something like Whispersync. I think in your case it might be very useful because you can just synchronize and listen or read on where you left it.

          VERY important – check out the audible samples and try to imagine listening to this voice for a couple of hours. I had several books where I just couldn’t go on because I couldn’t listen to the voice or the narration any longer. Some were overly emotional or turned every romantic scene into something…strange, some almost fell asleep while reading, get the meaning, right. 😉

          Personally I love Stevie Zimmerman as a narrator so Erica’s books are obviously a good choice! 😉 l

          • Ira -

            (…it doesn’t have a touch display… not it is no toch display…*sigh*…. – it’s getting late, time to go to bed, obviously!)

          • Val -

            Thanks again Ira. You have given me lots of ideas to work on.

          • Ira -

            I hope that it’ll help! If you have any further questions, where I might help, feel free to reach out!

          • Ira -

            If you have any further questions, where I might help, feel free to reach out! I hope that you’ll find a practicable and enjoyable solution and that your eyes will get better again.

  52. Jane Pike - Reply

    I started to listen to audiobooks a while ago.
    They keep me entertained through some long business trips where I have to drive the car.
    In general, I prefer a paperback, but that is not convenient while driving ?
    Until now I got mine through audible. That is the easiest way.

  53. Elizabeth J - Reply

    I haven’t really listened to an audiobook, except in the old school realm of buying a book in cassette form… I did enjoy them, especially when traveling!

  54. laticia Vargas - Reply

    I’ve gotten a couple of books from audible. I won an audio book from an author, it was great. I’m trying to add the audio to most of my books.

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