Book-A-Day Giveaway: 7 Wicked Kisses, Day 2

Too Wicked To Kiss by Erica Ridley
Want to win an autographed copy of

I’m giving away a book a day until launch day–7 days of fun!! All you have to do to be eligible is answer the Daily Kiss question.

3 ways to win:

1) Tweet/RT on Twitter (to @ericaridley with hashtag #2w2k)

2) Post to the Facebook wall:

3) Comment on this post with the answer to today’s question!

And today’s Daily Kiss question is:

Describe your STRANGEST KISS LOCATION in seven words or less!

Good luck!!!

Yesterday’s Winner: DANIELLE YOCKMAN

Yesterday’s Daily Kiss Challenge:

Describe your first kiss in 7 words or less!

Yesterday’s Entries:

  • He should have brushed his teeth first.
  • Perfect. Sweet but sexy.
  • So forgetable that I don’t even remember!
  • Chaste, soft, tender, tingling, heartquaking and earthshaking.
  • Her snaggle tooth tore up my lips.
  • That’s not what happens in romance novels!
  • Too long ago to remember.
  • Wow!!! I want to do that again!!!!
  • Nervous, it was his first kiss too.
  • Funny. (mostly on my part 🙂
  • Embarrassing and awkward!
  • Sweet and innocent
  • Nice! Holy crap, like…Whoah!
  • Awesome really
  • scary but OMG!!
  • sadly cant remember the first one…… unremarkable.
  • Long awaited, left me wanting for more!
  • Wait…wait… HOLY CRAP!!!! Do it again!
  • Color of the wall matched his eyes…
  • I’ve got a surprise. Kiss! Run away.
  • Long overdue, awkward, fruitless; SO worth it.

Comment to win today’s challenge:

Describe your STRANGEST KISS LOCATION in 7 words or less!


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