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  1. Hannah Fastenrath - Reply

    I love A cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe. It got me hooked on other Gothic stories. I was somehow always fascinated by its morbidity ?

  2. Laura Crow - Reply

    Dark Shadows tv show. My first experience into Gothic was when I was a kid watching this show. As soon as I got home from Jr High school my best friend T.H. and I would turn it on and eat homemade pizza. Then it was on to Edgar Allen Poe books and movies.

  3. Sahuna Imran - Reply

    My most favourite Gothic novel is Wuthering Heights. Well I also like Villette, Jane Eyre and Rebecca but Wuthering Heights is my all time favourite Gothic novel.

  4. Irma - Reply

    I absolutely love Wuthering Heights but it is the The Woman in Black by Susan Hill that I fell in love with.

  5. Jackie Wisherd - Reply

    I am not sure if I have read any Gothic stories to have a favorite. I probably have because I read a wide array of books but mothing comes to mind.

  6. catslady - Reply

    I started out reading new gothic romance authors with my favorites being Phyllis A. Whitney, Dorothy Eden, Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart.

  7. Cynthia Powers - Reply

    Not sure if it could be classified as gothic, but I loved seeing the version of Jamaica Inn with Jayne Seymour when I was younger. I think it’s based on a book by Daphne Du Maurier?

  8. Rhonda Dye - Reply

    Would love to read this book. I love all of your books that I have read(which are quite a few). Thank you for this opportunity!

  9. Linda Townsend - Reply

    Jane Eyre was a favorite of mine growing up. LOL! That’s a long time ago since I’m in my 60s now. I remember, though, reading it over and over…

  10. Liz Needham - Reply

    I’m a historical romance fan! My favourite movie & book ( both parts) is Gone With the Wind. All the beautiful gowns, manners & RULES for women make me appreciate the times we live in now. Happy anniversary!

  11. Anna - Reply

    Jane Eyre is my current favorite. When I want a quick Jane Eyre fix, I turn to the film version with Machael Fassbender as Mr. Rochester! I was also delighted to have recently read Wide Sargasso Sea – a prequel of sorts to Jane Eyre by a different author. In high school, I loved the novel Rebecca and the reruns of the TV show Dark Shadows.

  12. Theresa - Reply

    Oh, yes! “Dark Surrender” was one of my favorites. Have enjoyed reading your stories so much. Your generosity is another reason that I am a loyal Texas Fan.

  13. Heather Rizzuti - Reply

    Jane Eyre, the movie version starring Michael Fassbender

  14. Mel K. - Reply

    Dark Shadows for TV show, DRACULA for book, and “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” (1962) for movie.

  15. Cecilia Rodriguez - Reply

    A favorite Gothic themed movie is: Haunted Summer
    it’s a fictional account of what happened when:
    Bram Stoker and the Shellys vacationed together.
    Another movie with the same theme: Gothic

  16. Earlene Gillespie - Reply

    My first foray into gothic was the Dark Shadows tv show. I would rush home from school just so I could watch it. It came on at 3 or 330 I think.

  17. Kari Angeles - Reply

    Harley Quinn. I love her quirky attitude, even though she’s crazy.

  18. Anne Hardy - Reply

    Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, though it actually mocks a Gothic romance

  19. Glenda M - Reply

    The most recent Gothic movie I loved is Crimson Peak.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  20. Sandra Spilecki - Reply

    I don’t enjoy gothic whether in books or films. I much prefer
    happier books no matter whatever HEA is involved.

  21. Laurel Chevlen - Reply

    Gothic novels were my novel of choice as a young girl! I think my favorites from that era would have to be Mistress of Mellyn and Bride of Pendorric both by Victoria Holt. Of course I loved Jane Eyre and Rebecca, too.
    Oh and anyone remember Dragonwyck or Green Darkness by Anya Seton?! These were terrific books, too.

  22. susan A beamon - Reply

    Back when I was much younger I split my romance reading between Gothic and Regencies. They were the only ones where the woman had any agency and wasn’t some quaking virgin positive her life was over because she didn’t have a man. Read so many I do not have a favorite. Since then romance has expanded and women are more likely to be living a fulfilling life that a man adds to instead of being the entirety of it.

  23. Rachael Clemons - Reply

    I love Jane Eyre. I have read the books, been to the play, and watched the movie.

  24. Linda Romer - Reply

    Bram Stokers Dracula! My favorite Gothic movie! Thank you

  25. Robin Smith - Reply

    Loved reading books by Victoria Holt when I was growing up. Now I am enjoying gothic novels from Eve Silver and Jennifer St. Giles

  26. Donna H - Reply

    I grew up reading Victoria Holt gothic novels. I adored them and would voraciously read them whenever I visited the library.

  27. Jane Pike - Reply

    I liked ‘The Gargoyle’ from Andrew Davidson.
    Quite capturing storyline.

  28. Patricia Way - Reply

    Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier. She was one of the first Gothic writers I read.

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