Crapometer Entry #300

This morning, Miss Snark read my aforementioned story idea (known on her blog as Crapometer Entry #300) and I got high marks! Yay! So far, web site commenters generally liked the premise as well (except for a few Anonymouses, etc) so I have to say I’m pleased with the success of my hook. Now to send off the first 3 pages!

Title: Taylor and the Tooth Fairy
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Taylor Masterson, a no-nonsense archeologist, can’t wait for his latest discovery to earn much-needed funds for his overworked crew, but before he has the partial skeleton in his possession for 24 hours, a blonde bimbo with glitter wings–some sort of inept spy from his competition?–sneaks into his tent at midnight, claims she’s some sort of magical being (as if!) and tries to fly off with his discovery.

Daisy le Fey, an apprentice tooth fairy, yearns to wow her superiors so that she can escape the drudgery at the Pixie Dust Factory, but her very first solo assignment turns into an unmitigated disaster when the supposedly sleeping child turns out to be a sexy (half-naked!) man who refuses to hand over the tooth.

Desperate to avoid ruining her would-be career on her first night out, Daisy has no choice but to break regulation and stay to fight for possession of the tooth. And if she uses her fledgling magical powers for unsanctioned purposes, what’s a mishap here and there? So what if her wand misses Taylor’s tent and turns his assistant into a pumpkin. It could happen to anyone.

Determined to unmask the beautiful liar, Taylor focuses his masculine wiles on keeping the kooky charmer in his bed and out of his archeological dig. Just because chaos erupts every time Daisy bats her lashes sure doesn’t mean she’s telling the truth. After all, there’s no such thing as magic… right?


  1. Jacqueline Barbour - Reply

    Congrats on getting the seal of approval from Miss Snark! She’s one tough cookie.

    This is a great idea, though, and (like all your stuff) fabulously written. WTG!!!!!

  2. ERiCA - Reply

    Thanks so much! Actually, before I send the book anywhere, I could use a brainstorming session… LMK if you’re up to it! =)

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