Contest Update


  1. B.E. Sanderson - Reply

    Woohoo!! That’s great news! Congratulations!

    :does a happy dance in your honor:

  2. AngryMan - Reply

    Touched sounds like there will be sexy results. I am certainly looking forward to it.

  3. Vicki - Reply

    Squeee!!!! And I got to call her on one of them. 😀

    I’m so excited for her!

    Our Erica did awesome in the TARA contest. Exciting things are happening for her!!!

  4. C.L. Wilson - Reply

    Congratulations Erica!!! And I second Diana’s post…what about those REQUESTS!!

    Give us the scoop!

  5. Vicki - Reply

    I’m with Cheryl and Diana. I didn’t say anything because I was waiting on you to tell us. But…we want to hear all about it. 😀

  6. Kerry Blaisdell - Reply

    Big congrats! Life has been super rough for us this summer, but I’m getting back in the groove, and have noticed your name flying by on the contest finals/wins circuit. I made a double-placement myself, in the Golden Claddagh (1st and 3rd). It’s a good feeling, isn’t it? *:?)

  7. Isabel - Reply

    Awesome! Congratulations, Erica, this the best news I’ve heard all week!


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