I just got the galleys for TOO WICKED TO KISS! Yay!

For those with no idea what that means, galleys (aka “proofs”) are the typeset pages of my manuscript. This is the last time I’ll see these words before the book shows up in bookstores. I can’t make any content changes at this point (which is a little scary) but this is my only chance to last-minute fix any typos that might be present (which is also pretty scary!)

Conventional wisdom appears to be “read it backwards”… or better yet, read it twice! Guess what I’ll be doing all week…

How about you? Big plans for the week?


  1. B.E. Sanderson - Reply

    Hurray for the galleys!

    Darling Daughter got her driver’s permit yesterday, so the week will be dotted with driving lessons. Other than that, I’ll be typing my hand-written pages into the computer so I can get closer to finishing this WIP.

  2. ERiCA - Reply

    How did the typing go?

    As you can see, I fell off the map for a few weeks in order to attack the galleys, but they are now all done and turned in, so yay!

    Hope you’re surviving DD’s adventures in driving!!

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