Colleen Gleason: The Rest Falls Away

Confession time. I meant to read this book last year. The concept–Buffy in Regency England–intrigued me last July when I met Colleen Gleason at the RWA National in a Venator tee shirt. Why didn’t I read it way back then? Time and space. No, not in some weird sci-fi sense. I left the RWA National…

Pep Talk to Aspiring Authors

So, today my crit partners were throwing a pity party because the ratio of aspiring authors to acquiring editors is astronomical. I say, WHO CARES? What’s that got to do with me?! Actually, what I say is this: First, you cannot, repeat, CANNOT, think of writing (or any profession) from a statistical standpoint. Sure, there’s…

Erica Ridley
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