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Meet the Wild Wynchesters! This fun-loving, caper-committing family of tight-knit siblings can’t help but find love and adventure everywhere they go…
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0.5 The Governess Gambit (prequel)
1. The Duke Heist
   1.5 The Rake Mistake (FREE with your preorder!)
2. The Perks of Loving a Wallflower

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The Governess Gambit cover The Duke Heist cover

Erica is giving a free advance copy of a Wild Wynchesters novella to all fans who preorder THE DUKE HEIST!
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Yes, if they wanted to see it! There was no official ladies' viewing gallery. During the Regency, they would need to climb up to the attic and peek through square holes in the ventilation shaft.

(I can't say the ladies' gallery created in 1834 was much of an improvement—being enclosed in heavy brasswork grilles made it difficult to see or hear, keeping women in a literal and metaphorical cage!)

Below you'll see a sketch by Frances Rickman depicting the exterior, and a watercolor by Lady Georgiana Chatterson illustrating the interior.

UK Parliament Ventilator UK Parliament Ventilator

First NameLast Name Primary BookNote 
ChloeWynchesterHeroineThe Duke Heist 
LawrenceGoslingHeroThe Duke Heist8th Duke of Faircliffe
ThomasinaWynchesterHeroineThe Perks of Loving a WallflowerTommy
PhilippaYorkHeroineThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower 
First NameLast NameNoteTitle/JobSeen or mentioned in:
AlbertHastingsstaffFaircliffe butlerDuke Heist
BaronVanderbeanfamily"Bean"Duke Heist
BetsyUnknownstaffMrs. Root’s niece; Duke of Faircliffe’s washerwoman: new motherDuke Heist
ChloeWynchesterHeroine The Duke Heist
DamarisUnknownfriend The Perks of Loving a Wallflower
DinahUnknownstaffDuke of Faircliffe’s maidDuke Heist
EuniceUnknownfriendfriend of PhilippaThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower
FlorentiaUnknownfriend The Perks of Loving a Wallflower
GracieUnknownfriendfriend of PhilippaThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower
HonoriaWynchesterfamilyBaron Vanderbean's "daughter"Duke Heist
HoraceWynchesterfamilyBaron Vanderbean's "son"Duke Heist
IanSoutherbybeau mondeearlDuke Heist
IsaiahUnknownstafftiger / liveried groomDuke Heist
LadyAinsworthbeau monde Duke Heist
LadyCastlereaghbeau mondePatroness of Almack'sDuke Heist
LadyJerseybeau mondePatroness of Almack'sDuke Heist
LadyQuarringtonbeau monde Duke Heist
LawrenceGoslingHero8th Duke of FaircliffeThe Duke Heist
LordBussingtonbeau monde Duke Heist
LordRosbothambeau mondeMarquessDuke Heist
LordRotherhambeau mondeviscount, rakeThe Rake Mistake
Mr.Underwoodstaffthe Yorks’ butlerDuke Heist
Mr.YorkFamilyleading orator in the House of CommonsThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower
Mrs.ElkinsstaffDuke of Faircliffe’s cookDuke Heist
Mrs.HalberstamstaffProprietress, Puss & GooseDuke Heist
Mrs.Ipsleybeau monde Duke Heist
Mrs.Overtonbeau monde Duke Heist
Mrs.RootstaffFaircliffe housekeeperDuke Heist
Mrs.YorkFamilypolitician's wife, mother to PhilippaThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower
NorbertUnknownstaffWynchester footmanDuke Heist
Old DukeFaircliffeFamily7th Duke of FaircliffeDuke Heist
PeggyUnknownstaffDuke of Faircliffe’s maidDuke Heist
PhilippaYorkHeroine The Perks of Loving a Wallflower
SplendiferousSchmidtscircusCircusDuke Heist
SusanUnknownfriend The Perks of Loving a Wallflower
ThomasinaWynchesterHeroineTommyThe Perks of Loving a Wallflower
UnknownJacksonstaffDuke of Faircliffe’s footmanDuke Heist
UnknownRandallstaffWynchester butlerDuke Heist
ZinniaUnknownstaffWynchester maidDuke Heist
AnimalNameOwned byPrimary Book
bats JacobThe Duke Heist
ferrets JacobThe Duke Heist
hawkHippogriffJacobThe Duke Heist
horseElderberryLawrenceThe Duke Heist
horseMangoLawrenceThe Duke Heist
kittenTigletJacobThe Duke Heist
python JacobThe Duke Heist
rats JacobThe Governess Gambit
The Duke Heist
Erica Ridley
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